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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Luv Bug

Another post by Miss Marcia:

Is it just me or has cupid arrived extremely early, seems like there’s something going around and it’s called the Luv Bug.  People all of a sudden deciding to hang up their “players card” and get married to that one lady they have known they could rely on for years.  I’m not talking about getting engaged to this person, I mean within a few days just decide to say “what tha heck, might as well marry her” and next thing you know they’re down at the magistrates office.  Yes, ahh love.

Then there’s the couple that has only known each other for almost 6 months and they have decided to move in together.  They’re in so much love, that when one is away, they act like Siamese Twins who have been separated for the first time.  They can finish each other sentences and almost read each other’s minds. They are 1, lol. Ok being silly but on a serious note they have taken a lot of time to get to know each other and realize they fit like a glove.

The luv bug can strike when your time has come, sometimes it can be a false alarm, but with careful notes of the symptoms you can tell when you and your partner have been struck.  Now once the real luv bug gets hold of you it’s not gonna let go, so be ready for the best time of your life.
Some of these symptoms are: if you and your partner see eye to eye on things, you all enjoy each other company, you all feel so alive with each other, you all are in tune with each other’s  feelings, there’s a great deal of respect and affection being shown, you are “it” (as in the only one; not girl/guy #1, 2 or 3), receive QT without a fight, YOU LOOK AT THAT PERSON AND THINK “I AM SO LUCKY” and you know they are thinking the same about you, etc. (this list goes on forever)

False alarms: if you can’t reach him/her for days at a time, he wines and dines you but then starts fading into the background and comes back every and then, if this person makes you feel temporarily special, if the person has the signs of a player, and please do not think you are falling in love with someone just because the sex might be good, etc. COMMON SENSE SHOULD HELP PEOPLE OUT WITH FALSE ALARMS

I’m going to leave everyone with this little piece of advice, I know this is supposed to be about the Luv Bug, but some people don’t understand WHAT MIGHT LOOK GOOD, MIGHT NOT BE GOOD FOR YOU, there’s more to a person than just their looks. CAN’T JUST A BOOK BY ITS COVER, JUST BECAUSE THE COVER MAY LOOK GOOD DOESN’T MEAN THE STORY WON’T SUCK AND IF YOU END UP READING A GOOD STORY YOU WILL NEVER WANNA PUT IT DOWN.  You have to spend time with someone to get to know who they are, a few jump in the sheets sessions ain’t gonna cut it. There may be more to come on this subject one day.

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