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Monday, June 30, 2008

Lost It.

I really have nothing. It may be that I'm beyond tired, and my mind can't think. I should have blogged over the weekend, but I was super busy.  My mother's birthday was Saturday, June 28, so I thank the Lord that she is getting older and adding years to her life.

My birthday is this coming Saturday July 5, and I expect to see you there. Where? might you ask, if you don't know, you need to find out, and quick.

But dig this, it's 6:30 AM, and I got moves to make. If I come up with something different before you read this, I'll change it. If not, see you Wednesday.

God Bless,

Friday, June 27, 2008

How to Be a Good Roommate

**So far this summer I've been cheating with my blogs because I've been so busy. But this is the last blog for a while in which I "jack" articles. Next week you will get the wisdom that I hold once again. But this blog is mainly for the up and coming college kids, or those fresh out of college that need a little guidance. Take heed to what you read, your home is your comfort zone. If it is not a healthy environment you will not be satisfied. So pay attention to what you read, and see how you can change yourself before trying to change your roommate. Make sure you are handling your business, that way when you ask them to take care of theirs, they will have nothing bad to say about you. Lazy a$$ roommates...hope you don't get one when you get to school Kid Sister**

  1. Find a good roommate to begin with. It can be tempting to select a roommate on the basis of how friendly they are, but you're better off judging them on the basis of day to day living compatibility. Compare their daily habits to yours:
    • Are they early risers or night owls?
    • What temperature do they think is comfortable?
    • How much TV do they watch?
    • When should the roommate worry if they are not home at a certain time? Do you wait until morning to make phone calls or do you send for a search team if they're 15 minutes late from work or school?
    • What are their favorite chores? Perhaps if their favorites are your least favorite, you can simply always to your favorite chore and ignore the ones you simply don't like.
    • Do they talk about their feelings are keep their feelings in?
    • Are they extra-sensitive to fragrances and/or odors? This may affect what you choose as cleaning products and you may have to hide your running shoes after going to the gym.
    • Are they allergic to anything? i.e. peanuts, perfume, milk, flour, mold, smoke.
    • Are they sloppy or neat?
    • Do they smoke or do any other kinds of recreational drugs?
    • Do they enjoy talking or do they prefer to be quiet all the time.
    • Do they enjoy decorating or do they not care about decorating. What decorating style do they have.
    • What kind of music do they listen to and, more importantly, do they particularly enjoy listening to it when it's loud?
  2. Be upfront about your expectations. Set boundaries and stick with them. This applies to food, clothes, possessions, loud activities, use of common areas, parties, quiet hours, cleaning responsibilities, and so on.
  3. Respect each other’s privacy and personal space. This is especially important if you share a small living area. Make a clear delineation between your stuff and your roommate’s stuff. That way you are only responsible for your things. You must always ask before "borrowing" anything, no matter if it's trivial. Definitely take good care of any borrowed items.
  4. Follow through with your obligations. If you say you're going to clean the kitchen, pay your roommate back for your share of the lease or utilities, or call the landlord about a repair, then do it.
  5. Be prepared to compromise. Not everyone has the same ideas about day to day living as you do. You can't ask your roommate to change himself or herself if you're not willing to change as well.
  6. Clean up after yourself. This doesn't mean that you have to be a neat freak, but don't leave your dirty dishes in the sink for days on end, dump your things in the living room, or leave mountains of laundry all over the bedroom, especially if you share it with your roommate. Try to agree on a minimum standard of cleanliness that you'll all abide by.
  7. Be courteous of your roommate’s sleeping habits. If you are a night owl, keep your noise down and turn the lights down after your roommate goes to bed so you don't disturb them. If you go to bed early, don’t get exasperated with your roommate for their late hours, but at the same time try to find ways that you can sleep undisturbed. The same thing applies for rising in the morning.
  8. Spend time with your roommate. Say hello and goodbye, ask them how their day was, and show interest in his or her life. Getting to know the person you live with helps you understand their perspective, and allows them to understand yours. It also makes it easier to deal with problems that you have with that person if you’ve already established a rapport with them. Try to set a time in which you both can hang out at least once a week. Make dinner together, watch a movie, etc. Do something nice for your roommate every so often--make their bed, bake them cookies, or offer to give them a ride somewhere if they don't have a car.
  9. Stay flexible. Understand what’s going on in your roommate’s life, and accommodate them. If your roommate has a big test coming up, you should probably be quiet and let them study. If your roommate is busy and stressed with their job, give them some time and space to relax and unwind. Wouldn't you like your roommate to show you the same consideration?
  10. Communicate. As in any relationship, living with someone requires a great deal of work. Communication is key in making the relationship work well long-term, or even for a short time. If a problem comes up, it's better to talk about it right away than to try and ignore it and let it get worse. If you simply cannot communicate openly and there is tension all the time. Find a new roommate. The stress is just not worth it. You may be better friends if you choose to live separate.
  11. Share. Or decide what you will share. Decide what contents in the fridge are okay and which are off limits. Determine whether or not a common phone line will be sufficient if one person spends a lot of time on the phone. If you borrow something, let your roommate know and (if necessary) try to replace it.
  12. Divide responsibilities: If your roommate is a good cook and you are not, have him cook and you do the dishes. It may also be a good idea to set up a chores schedule, where you will take turns alternating cleaning the bathroom, taking out the trash, etc.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Soulful Relationship

**So recently I've been hosting therapy sessions for people with social/relationship issues, and this below was emailed to me. Take a view at it. Attempt to apply it to your life**

A Soulful Relationship
By Reverend Ronald McFadden

If you're not married yet, share this with a friend. If you are married, share it with your spouse or other married couples and reflect on it. An African proverb states, 'Before you get married, keep both eyes open, and after you marry, close one eye.'

Before you get involved and make a commitment to someone, don't let lust, desperation, immaturity, ignorance, pressure from others or a low self-esteem make you blind to warning signs. Keep your eyes open, and don't fool yourself that you can change someone or that what you see as faults is not really important.

Once you decide to commit to someone, over time their flaws, vulnerabilities, pet peeves, and differences will become more obvious. If you love your mate and want the relationship to grow and evolve, you've got to learn to close one eye and not let every little thing bother you. You and your mate have many different expectations, emotional needs, values, dreams, weaknesses, and strengths. You are two unique individuals who have decided to share a life together.

Neither of you are perfect, but are you perfect for each other? Do you bring out the best of each other? Do you compliment and compromise with each other, or do you compete, compare, and control? What do you bring to the relationship? Do you bring past relationships, past hurt, past mistrust, past pain?

You can't take someone to the altar to alter him or her. You can't make someone love you or make someone stay. If you develop self-esteem, spiritual discernment, and 'a life', you won't find yourself making someone else responsible for your happiness or responsible for your pain. Manipulation, control, jealousy, deceitfulness, neediness, and selfishness are not the ingredients of a thriving, healthy, loving and lasting relationship.

Seeking status, sex, wealth, and security are the wrong reasons to be in a relationship.

Q. What keeps a relationship strong?

Answer: Communication, intimacy (not sex), trust, a sense of humor, sharing household tasks, some getaway time without business or children and daily exchanges (a meal, a shared activity, a hug, a call, a touch, a note), sharing common goals and interests. Leave a nice message on their voice mail or send a nice email.

Growth is important. Grow together, not away from each other, giving each other space to grow without feeling insecure. Allow your mate to have outside interest. You can't always be together. Give each other a sense of belonging and assurances of commitment. Don't try to control one another. Learn each other's family situation. Respect his or her parents regardless. Don't put pressure on each other for material goods. Remember for richer or for poorer. If these qualities are missing, the relationship will erode as resentment, withdrawal, abuse, neglect, dishonesty, and pain will replace the passion. "Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think.' The grass withers, the flowers fades, but the word of God stands forever. Isaiah 40:8. Shall we make a new rule of life from tonight?

You should always try to be a little more kind to each other than necessary. The difference between 'United' and 'Untied' is where you put the 'I'. Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

Monday, June 23, 2008

When We Can't Understand...

Often we are faced with issues in life that seem too much to comprehend. Situations at work, at home, or even strange happenings out in the world. Whether it seems too good to be true, or too bad to be good. But how do we deal with them? In a world of unpredictability, what can we do to maintain a grasp on things that we don't understand why they are happening?

The reason I've come to ask this question, is because often I am faced with answering questions that I don't know the answer to, but I know what the "asker" needs to hear. Just this past weekend alone, 3-4 different friends came to me in order to seek guidance and understanding (wisdom) from me. Mostly to do with relationships (cause I'm the bomb when it comes to understanding them, I just struggle with them myself, maybe that's why I know what NOT to do, and what SHOULD be done). I don't charge anything if you need relationship help, so holla at me, I think my mom does charge for her counseling, but she works for the church, I work for...well to help, because so many have freely helped me.

Beyond that, how do I understand? How am I able to deal with the issues of others, but they can't deal with it. Why is it so easy for me to understand things I don't know, and others can't seem to understand things right in front of them. (Whats sad, I often don't understand why things happen in my own life. I know how to deal with them, but I don't understand what caused them, whether good or bad, great or terrible).

And maybe that is what a lot of people struggle with. When they can't understand why, they don't care to deal with issues. They rather pass them off as though the issues will mysteriously go away. Maybe when we can't understand, it's not meant for us to understand, it is meant for us to learn how to take action when things seem out of hand.

Instead of crying and whining, seek guidance, find someone who has dealt with the issue, read about the issue, etc. When we can't understand we have a tendency to give up on caring, then we enter a state where we can no longer function because something is hanging over our head. Or if something seems too good, instead of enjoying it, we spend time in question, asking if the feeling is true. If it is possible to be this happy. Instead of being grateful, appreciative, and enjoying the moments of greatness, we question whether or not it is true that things can be this wonderful.

When you can't understand why something is, pray to understand how to deal with it. Too many of us want to know the answer to "why?". That's not the important question, we don't affect life from understanding "why", we change based on the action we take in response to "why". Understand why may come through the action you take in dealing with the issue. Eventually, "why" will be relieved to you, so that you can understand, but when you don't understand why from the beginning, don't worry about it. Deal with it and move on. You may never have to deal with the issue ever again. It may be a situation where you are meant to be, and instead of trying to understand why for 30 years, take the time to make sure it is a good 30 years rather than a confused 30 years.

So when you don't understand, don't quiver in fear because its "strange" or "hard" or "different" or "too good", stop and think about what you can do to take control and be a part of what is going on. You don't want to understand why things are bad or if they are too good, because you are giving the negativity to much attention when you dwell on trying to figure out why. Spend time fixing the problem so you can enjoy more time in happiness rather than in confusion, pain, or suffering.

God Bless

P.S. Do know that as much "WISDOM" as I may have, I often don't understand things myself. Things in my own life. I want to figure them out, but I rather take action and control the issue myself. I don't have the time in life to ponder why this issue is bad, or why, at this moment in life, everything is WONDERFUL. I don't care why. Why? Because God said so, and that's a good enough reason for me. I've stopped trying to understand WHY, and understand HOW this is effecting me, and WHAT I can do about it. If its bad fix it, if it's good take the most out of it. Believe me, I am in some good times and I will not trade them for the world. I think I know why, but I'm not going to spend my day trying to understand why, I'm going to enjoy it and things will be relieved to me when life thinks I can handle the answer.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Why Black Men Date White Women....?

**Below is an article that a friend shared with me, and I felt compelled to share because it is a hot topic that I've had many conversations about with other people. Please read the article: The Top Ten Reasons Why It’s Hard to Date a Black Woman by Matthew Lynch (Click titles for website). Also, just because I posted this article does not mean I agree with it, I don't think I agree with any of it, I'll have to go back over it. I felt that it was an interesting article and I wanted to share, plus it kept me from having to think of something on my own to write, cause your boy has been busy. I have my own thoughts about the topic. I might write about them eventually.**

Unlike black women who struggle against the current of the apparent man shortage, searching for eligible candidates is not an arduous task for black men, and never has been. Studies show that for every available man, there are at least seven single, willing and able Black women who are ready to be signed, sealed and delivered to the first derivable and desirable bachelor who crosses their path. Black men can just about have their pick when it comes to choices in the dating arena. Not to mention, online dating in the last 5 years has even widened their circle of choices to national and international possibilities. Still, fewer and fewer are choosing to date black women.

When observing the condition of our intimate interaction, African Americans are no longer interested in courting, dating or harvesting the patience essential in the process of selecting the appropriate partner for our lives. To piggy back off of that point, many of us – men especially - in the African American community are slowly becoming more and more apathetic to concepts of relationships and marriage, let alone entertaining courtships with someone with the same color skin. Percentages of Black men and women dating outside their races have increased significantly over the last decade. More so now than ever, it has become more common to see a Black man with a white woman (or non-African American) on his arm. Though black women are no longer sitting around waiting on her black savior to come to his senses, as they have also begun testing the waters of alternative nationalities, the reasons as to why successful black men are not choosing black women once they reached the top remains a mystery. What is it about black women that compel black men to choose differently when it comes to dating?

As dating preferences should no longer be relevant in this day and time, conversations shared between men and women indicate that we as a race are puzzled to some degree as to why we are no longer interested in each other. Have we become bored? Is the sex more engaging with women who are not black? Are we intimidated by women who can take care of themselves and/or are we turned off by women who hold a strong sense of independence? Or is it something as simple as, interracial relationships provide for more amusing discussion over candlelight dinners or vacations to exotic resorts? Are we no longer going against the grain and finally succumbing to the innate intrigue of gravitating towards and attaining something that is different? Or are we running from self hatred that is mirrored in the eyes of our black women?

Recently, first-time filmmaker, Erik Gordon, held a screening of his documentary, “Why Do Black Men Date White Women” at the High Museum of Art’s Hill Auditorium in Atlanta, Georgia. His angle was to pack up his camera and microphone, trek the streets of downtown Atlanta and boldly ask willing participants the question that became the title of his first film. Though much like this article, Gordon created this project to provide insight on what once was considered taboo, which has now become a social trend that no longer provokes reaction (other than a few disgruntled black women). Gordon explains, “It’s basically keeping it real and addressing the stereotypes. It’s a battle between the sexes within the race. It has to do with white women, but it’s more about the bond between black men and black women.” (Gordon is currently working on another documentary entitled, The Reality of Marriage).

It’s not surprising that men have banned together in appreciation for the project that illustrates exactly why more brothers have been inclined to choose dating outside their race. To say the least, there were some women on the other hand who were not as receptive. “A lot of Black Men are Dumb… I think it’s so funny when I see or read about these black male celebrities getting ripped off by these white women. They marry them, have kids, then in less than 2yrs the white woman is divorcing them, and walking off with half of everything like that wasn't her plan from jump street. And just to think, they call black women Gold Diggers,” one female stated in response to Gordon’s project. Another says, “My friend told me he dates white girls because they give no hassle and that they are more practical for him....PRACTICAL?!! Some black men are using white girls and its not fair on the white girls at all who think these black men actually like them…he said that getting a white girl is easy p^ssy,” says another.

The list of possibilities in our search for understanding can go on forever. Thus, I conducted surveys with 5 African American males in efforts to dispel some of the negative myths created by Black women, and possibly gain true insight as to the lack of intimate camaraderie we have with them. The objective is to illustrate issues relating to our interaction – or lack thereof - with black women, and not necessarily what white women do for black men that black women don’t. Listed below are the top 10 out of 50 reasons why Black men find it hard to date Black women:

1. Black women make black men feel under appreciated, unwarranted and irresponsible and regressive.
2. Black women are too aggressive and no longer patient in waiting on the pursuit of a man.
3. Black women are strong headed, too independent which presents great challenges in relationships.
4. Black women are masculine in that they are controlling and like to run the relationship.
5. Black women expect too much. They are gold diggers who will not look twice at a blue collar black man.
6. Black women are hot headed and have bad attitudes.
7. Black women stop caring about their appearance after a certain age.
8. Black women are not as sexually open as other races, especially in regards to oral sex.
9. Black women’s tolerance is far too low; they are no longer empathetic to the black man’s struggle in white America.
10. Black women do not cater to their men.

Amid sharing these ten reasons with several Black women, some agreed to these assessments while others retorted (proving issue number 5) with negative connotation in their sentiments, placing blame on the opponent rather than listening and evaluating the dynamics that have prevented them from obtaining and maintaining relationships with their black men. Those women shared speculations such as: white women have low self esteem and are easy to manipulate; white women are nasty, take abuse and will do anything to keep a black man; white women are still considered trophies and black women considered big lipped, loud-mouthed jigga boos that hold black men back; black men are lazy and don’t want to be responsible or held accountable for their lives, their children and their families; white women make it easy for them to escape.

Some were thankful for having heard the truth in answers that came from the mouths of men themselves, rather than the resentful loose-lipped, bitter and angry women who probably hold valid reasons for their singleness, which may have nothing at all to do with race. Though society may no longer flinch at the sight of a black man with a white woman, it is apparent that some women are still scarred by the neglect and oversight imparted by their counterparts.

In Why Black Men Date White Women (An explicit excision in sexual politics), Rajen Persaud speaks about the soiling of the black female and the sexual distance between us that was caused by the misappropriated mentalities introduced during slavery. “Throughout American history, the white male and Black females have had an open sexual relationship. Not consensual by any means, it was born out of rape, humility and control.” He goes on to explain, “Without any rights, legal recourse or protection from the local or state authorities, a black woman could make no decision concerning anything that affected her life…she was completely incapable of rejecting her master’s wishes – her alternatives were to do or die.” Apparently, the devastation experienced by black slaves caused inertia amongst the male population; thus prompting a reduction in perceptions of royalty and motherhood into likes of derogatory notions amounting to nothing more than sexual brood mares used to increase the slave population. From the looks of it, the once fertile and revered impression of the Black Queen held by black men was devalued and has yet to be recovered.

Perhaps the problem really boils down to the fact that we no longer listen to one another. Dialogue must take place to gain better understanding of the pain that resides on both sides of the gender fence. There is large ground to be covered in the restoring of our relationships with one another if we are to preserve our people. We as humans have every right to exercise our preferences; however, we should really begin to stop and think about “the browning of our nation,” as interracial children are being born every day. We are already losing the race in different aspects of society. The least we can do is work harder at congregating in love as man and woman. We should ponder if love really conquers all; even when we are on the verge of becoming an endangered species. It is, however, harshly possible that we may never be able to come together in harmonious attempts to survive as a race.

Matthew Lynch is an Exceptional Education Teacher at Sykes Elementary School, CEO of Lynch Consulting Group, LLC, and a Doctoral Candidate at Jackson State Mississippi. He is also the author of Closing the Racial Academic Achievement Gap, and an upcoming children’s book, entitled Matthew and the Money Tree. Mr. Lynch is a contributing columnist for The Black Suburban Journal, Blagazine, and Emerging Minds. Born and raised in Mississippi, he currently resides in Jackson, Mississippi.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another Place In Him

Exactly like the title says. If you've read one of my more recent poems on my poetry page you would have seen that I've been stuck on the Micah Stampley Fresh Wind cd. There are a number of wonderful tracks on the CD. I can listen straight through the first eight or nine songs, and they are all motivational, uplifting, and praise-filled in their own way.

But the latest song I heard was entitled Another Place, and in just listening to the song, the slow melody, the passionate ad libs, puts you in Another Place. I myself, am beginning to feel that way. I am in another place, not only in Him, but in myself. I am starting to understand and appreciate more who it is that I am, and wonders that I myself am about to create because He works through me.

I am at a place now in my 23 years that can take many people up to 35-40 to understand. Now is the time that I must act upon what I know, and strive to physically and mentally be in another place.

I have come to learn that life really is a journey, and although you may need rest stops on the way, the journey should never truly end. If you're 25, 30, 50 years of age, and your life is feeling stale, then you have been at a rest stop for way to long, and it is time to continue your journey. Big question: where am I going? That's between you and God (or whatever higher power you may seek). Read my blog from Monday, you're journey is towards true happiness which often does not come until you understand where you belong in the grand scheme of things.

Many people spend 95-101 years "searching" to finally realize that they were always where they belong, and some knuckle heads die at 25 thinking where they are in life is the only place they ever will be.
So journey with me to Another Place in yourself, oh the wonders you can accomplish when you remove yourself from your rest stop of stagnation and commence the journey towards excellence.


Monday, June 16, 2008

The Magic of Mayhem

Often chaos is required for one to understand and appreciate order. Meaning, before you can understand true happiness, you must first feel and understand pain. And I'm not just speaking physically, there is also mental, emotional, and spiritual pain. Each individual is affect differently by the type of pain that they endure.

But through this pain, which ever type it may be, once the chaos passes there is always order behind it. Yet we do not always understand how we have been effected by the pain that we had endured.
There are 3 outcomes to pain and chaos. 1 is the permanent damaging of a person. This is when a person goes through something and they always carry that anger and pain to the point that it effects the remainder of their lives. Their happiness is based on events prior to the pain, and no longer understands what true happiness can be. It is hard for these people to leave because they often outcast themselves, and make it hard for people to enter their lives to help positively change things.
Number 2 is when the pain subsides and an individual feels a false happiness which blinds them from rational thinking and understanding. These are the type of people who tend to make mountains out of molehills because any "good" situation, they assume is the "perfect" or right situation, only because of the immense pain they once suffered. They are happy, but they do not properly evaluate or appreciate the new happiness because they are just happy that they are no longer in pain.
And lastly, 3 is not a happiness based on one's perception of the outside world and the pain caused by it, it is happiness that evolves from within one's self. Much of the pain and chaos once suffered derived from a person not truly understanding where they belong in life. Once that understanding comes to pass, and an individual can look back at their pain, and appreciate that it has helped them gain a better understand of who they are, where they belong, and what they want out of life; no matter what happens from that moment on, they are happy and in control. That is true happiness. It can not be taken away by another person, another situation, or any other chaos or mayhem presented to them.

Only once a person can understand where they belong, can they then appreciate pain for the true happiness that will come of it. If you are truly happy, be appreciative of it and do not take advantage of whatever has created the happiness. If you are suffering from false happiness, enjoy it now, because eventually you will feel pain and rational thought will show you that the happiness is only temporary to ease previous pain; but true happiness is soon to be on the way. And if you are permanently scarred, go to church and pray for understanding and appreciation, and find out where you belong in order to seek happiness.

**Poetic Response - True Happiness**

God Bless

Friday, June 13, 2008

Time to Ponder

Often in life we need guidance or instruction, some type of assistance to help us understand a situation. Problem is, we are often unable to find the guidance, or don't know how to ask for it.  Well in this blog I've decided to make a list of a number of quotes for you to marinate on. Read and take heed, apply them to your life if you can.  I may do this again at some point with other quotes/ sayings, this is just a start.

**All quote came from somewhere but I didn't feel like digging up the authors, so just know they aren't mine (some are)**

"Some have been though brave, because they were too afraid to run away"

"The most profound statements are often said in silence"

"A wiseman speaks when he have something to say. A fool speaks when he has to say something"

"False friends are worse than open enemies"

"Everything that irritates us about others, can often lead us to an understanding of ourselves"

"The only time a person does not like gossip is when the gossip is about them"

"Talk with me first and see if you can lend an opinion, before you make one"

 "for in life u are always caught in the MIDDLE; between where u came from & where ur headed to. so your progression depends on your direction!"

"You can only be young once. But you can always be immature."

"True happiness depends on our actions and attitudes, not our circumstances"

"Be proactive, step out and do something in the world, and stop waiting for the world to do something for you."

"It cost the government less money to send a young, black man to prison, than to send that same young, black man to college" (So where do you think they are putting them?)

Let them sit on you...more another day.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Catching Up

So this blog isn't necessary catching up with my weekend, or the other 7 days I've missed blogging. But me getting back in the groove of writing them by noon.

There are a number of things I could tell you about, but they are so far gone, it's pointless. If you don't already know, e-mail or call me, I'll share what went down. But as for now, I'm going to B.S. you guys today and Friday is some random, pulled out my butt blogs about nothing.

Like the new iPhone, that is going to be cheap but practically worthless compared to the new generation of "iPhone-like" competitors. I will say, the 1 thing that Appla has over all other "mp3-touchscreen phones", is the use of the iTunes store. If you've bout music from there, I think you can only really play the songs on a iPod. It's that a monopoly? But yea, the new cheaper, lamer, iPhone with be out in July, for once I can say DON'T BUY IT!

BUT, I do still want a MacBook or MacBook Pro for my photography and videography, so remember my birthday is July 5. I accept presents of all types. You can even pay a bill if you chose, I have a lot of those. In regards to my birthday, I have a surprise for everyone, which you MAY get to see on Friday, if you have not already, so look forward to that blog.

But this is bye for now but not forever.
"Hiyah-5" (Borat style)


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Give Me Time

So I missed Friday's blog, and I will probably miss Monday's, sorry about that...just haven't had the time to write lately.

A lot to write about, but probably won't, some personal things.  But Sprite died, (my bird), I might write about that on Wednesday so stay tuned.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thanks To Everyone

I want to thank everyone that either commented, called, texted, facebooked me, instant messaged me. Whatever it was the you did to show you care, I want to thank you all.

I can't sit a name each individual person, because this would end up being a long blog, but one person I would like to thank in particular is Ms. Tracy, who is one of my coworkers. I know any of you also prayed for me, but even in weeks prior to the bullet incident Ms. Tracy (Minister Tracy Simmons - invite her to speak to your flock) has been a spiritual mentor to me lately (she just didn't know it).

So through everything, I have a new outlook on life, I am attempting to understand my purpose and reasoning, and I am now trying to move forward with what it is I am doing in life. I was talking to a gentleman at work the other day, and I explained to him the one thing I want out of life is being remembered for changing something once I die. He expressed to me, that even now in my life I have fulfilled that goal, because in my daily communication, in the way I walk, talk, carry myself, and attempt to effectively create a positive atmosphere, I am changing lives and people are already remembering who I am as soon as I walk out of a room (Ms. Tracy he was speaking confirmation about your cookout in which I lit up the room - accidentally, I just have good energy, I feel it in my spirit).

But I want to thank every person that prayed for me and I couldn't hear it and those that contacted me directly to check on how I was doing. I am doing wonderfully, and I'm in a process of changing my life, and I mean DRASTICALLY.

Also, view my poem entitled Deliverance.

Thank you all and God Bless,

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