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Monday, June 16, 2008

The Magic of Mayhem

Often chaos is required for one to understand and appreciate order. Meaning, before you can understand true happiness, you must first feel and understand pain. And I'm not just speaking physically, there is also mental, emotional, and spiritual pain. Each individual is affect differently by the type of pain that they endure.

But through this pain, which ever type it may be, once the chaos passes there is always order behind it. Yet we do not always understand how we have been effected by the pain that we had endured.
There are 3 outcomes to pain and chaos. 1 is the permanent damaging of a person. This is when a person goes through something and they always carry that anger and pain to the point that it effects the remainder of their lives. Their happiness is based on events prior to the pain, and no longer understands what true happiness can be. It is hard for these people to leave because they often outcast themselves, and make it hard for people to enter their lives to help positively change things.
Number 2 is when the pain subsides and an individual feels a false happiness which blinds them from rational thinking and understanding. These are the type of people who tend to make mountains out of molehills because any "good" situation, they assume is the "perfect" or right situation, only because of the immense pain they once suffered. They are happy, but they do not properly evaluate or appreciate the new happiness because they are just happy that they are no longer in pain.
And lastly, 3 is not a happiness based on one's perception of the outside world and the pain caused by it, it is happiness that evolves from within one's self. Much of the pain and chaos once suffered derived from a person not truly understanding where they belong in life. Once that understanding comes to pass, and an individual can look back at their pain, and appreciate that it has helped them gain a better understand of who they are, where they belong, and what they want out of life; no matter what happens from that moment on, they are happy and in control. That is true happiness. It can not be taken away by another person, another situation, or any other chaos or mayhem presented to them.

Only once a person can understand where they belong, can they then appreciate pain for the true happiness that will come of it. If you are truly happy, be appreciative of it and do not take advantage of whatever has created the happiness. If you are suffering from false happiness, enjoy it now, because eventually you will feel pain and rational thought will show you that the happiness is only temporary to ease previous pain; but true happiness is soon to be on the way. And if you are permanently scarred, go to church and pray for understanding and appreciation, and find out where you belong in order to seek happiness.

**Poetic Response - True Happiness**

God Bless


Keep up, I'm a Jones! said...

Interesting read. You've managed to marry fact and opinion in a hopeful and blessed temple. I supposed we've all experienced 1, 2, and/or 3 at some point.

All in all, it's important to concentrate on healing; and so, your ending was very appropriate and timely.

Green said...

Thank you. I'm glad that you enjoyed it, and it hopefully will affect your life in a positive way.