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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thanks To Everyone

I want to thank everyone that either commented, called, texted, facebooked me, instant messaged me. Whatever it was the you did to show you care, I want to thank you all.

I can't sit a name each individual person, because this would end up being a long blog, but one person I would like to thank in particular is Ms. Tracy, who is one of my coworkers. I know any of you also prayed for me, but even in weeks prior to the bullet incident Ms. Tracy (Minister Tracy Simmons - invite her to speak to your flock) has been a spiritual mentor to me lately (she just didn't know it).

So through everything, I have a new outlook on life, I am attempting to understand my purpose and reasoning, and I am now trying to move forward with what it is I am doing in life. I was talking to a gentleman at work the other day, and I explained to him the one thing I want out of life is being remembered for changing something once I die. He expressed to me, that even now in my life I have fulfilled that goal, because in my daily communication, in the way I walk, talk, carry myself, and attempt to effectively create a positive atmosphere, I am changing lives and people are already remembering who I am as soon as I walk out of a room (Ms. Tracy he was speaking confirmation about your cookout in which I lit up the room - accidentally, I just have good energy, I feel it in my spirit).

But I want to thank every person that prayed for me and I couldn't hear it and those that contacted me directly to check on how I was doing. I am doing wonderfully, and I'm in a process of changing my life, and I mean DRASTICALLY.

Also, view my poem entitled Deliverance.

Thank you all and God Bless,


Keep up, I'm a Jones! said...

no prob bob. remember that there's purpose behind ALL things...

Anonymous said...

hope ur happy and u get what u want out of life. good luck...wish u well. change is not always a bad thing. again good luck

Green said...


Anonymous said...

ur welcome. im always here if u need anything

Green said...

But you're anonymous, so who am I to seek? You left no mention of who you are.