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Friday, May 30, 2008

God Blocked It

**UPDATE 2 June 2 - See Below**

**I know I have a blog for today already, but I needed to post this and it will stay up until Wednesday. Sorry if there are errors, I'm still shook up. Will edit later, may add more. you will know if I do.**

So today around 5:00 PM I was traveling from work in RTP down Highway 147 towards Ellis road in Durham. At that time a bullet went through my rear window and fell into the car. As i was driving I heard a loud popping sound. One similar to a tire being blown. I looked around, didn't notice any funny, my car was fine so I kept rolling.

When I got into Durham I went to the barber shop sat in the first chair closing to the window and got a shape up. My car still looked fine. Well upon exited the barber shop, as I got closer to my car the rear window looked foggy. I walked around the car to find that the glass was shattered. To be honest the first thing I thought was that I played my music so loud it blew out the window.

Well I drive to my parent's house which is right around the corner and as my mother an I inspect the vehicle (which it is due for inspection this month) I see a bullet laying on the rear dash. We call the sheriff. He comes out and informs me that the bullet was larger than that of the .45 caliber pistol he carries. He also said that 2 weeks prior a shooting happened in the same area at a business were a group of people were having a meeting around 1 AM. The shooters shot into the meeting at the employees minding their business.

So he said some one meant business. But no one should have business with me. And if someone really wanted me dead, I would assume they would have shot more than 1 time into the car. I think it was gang related and they were looking for someone to shoot at. Thank God they only hit my rear window and not me or any other driver. A co-worker of mine stated that no one could have been following me in order to target me. I travel highway 147 about once a month, and for someone to know I intended to travel to Durham on that day is impossible. I live in the opposite direction of Durham and I never take any highway home. So I was a random target. Also in the pictures you will notice the bullet in angled down into the car, meaning it was shot from a higher elevation, embankment, exit, bridge? So, that made sense. If someone was looking to find me, they would have traveled down the roads I normally take home, and not to Durham once a month on any random day.

I was fine at my parent's, but when I left to go home, I realized I was a little shaken up as I got nervous anytime a car got close to me. I think my step father noticed it and he began talking to me as we drove to pick up his vehicle. I am driving his other one til I get my glass fixed.

But I thank the Lord that it was not my time, or any one else's on that street for that matter. I am alive, and I ask that you pray for me and also yourselves and loved ones as they travel.

I have pictures that you can go see here, or view the video below. Song in video Kurt Carr - God Blocked It

Thank You,


Nichole R said...

Wow...God works in mysterious ways! He never ceases to amaze me in all of His greatness. This was a test of your faith Green...and you passed because you are fully aware that 'God blocked it.' He blocked this bullet just as he continuously blocks ALL the bullets of our lives. I will keep you uplifted in prayer as you deal with the aftermath of your situation and your test of faith. God Bless

Anonymous said...

ok so for the bullet to have landed in your car instead of in one side and out the other, it had to have been a very slow bullet, which means that it had to have been shot from very far off. So whoever shot it probably wasn't aiming for anyone (which I think you know already). It could have been someone hunting in the woods on 147 illegally, who knows; or it could have been related to a random shooting like you said. The good thing though is that it doesn't sound like someone is trying to kill you, so you can feel safe. Hope my thoughts help, but it they don't you are the one that told me to post them, so oh well.

iCoCo said...

wooowww.... so I didn't expect to see this as a blog. God was truly there. I'm happy you are okay physically and things will get better mentally. You know what I just went through. I'm expecting a random package or someone to just show up any day now at my house. All we can do is pray on it..