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Thursday, May 8, 2008

When The Sun Is At It's Highest Point...and Some Spring Cleaning!

**PAY ATTENTION/ Disclaimer - this is to be taken lightly...I am not stepping on anyone's toes...just wrote it how I thought it. Don't take stuff too personally, a lot of times it is me and has nothing to do with you. I just wrote it how I thought it, a lot of times I'll just say how I feel about something...and if someone gets offended...i just tell them don't point an angry finger at me for saying it...point an angry finger at yourself for doing it against me.../ and again I edit - this is meant to inform everyone about the frequency in which I will be writing blogs. Anything at the end is mind farts that came out as I typed, but they will not be removed, for I have the freedom to express how I choose./ there will be a follow up blog in regards to this tomorrow.**

So last night I decided (well it's been something I though about for a while), that I am going to try and post a blog once a day, and by noon on each day. Whether that means, creating it the night before and setting it to post the next morning, or just posting one each day before the afternoon.

Either way, if you check my blog every day after noon, there will be something new. So that will require you to check my blogs EVERYDAY, or spend 1 day catching up on all that you missed. This will help get traffic to this blog, my Artistry blog, and my YouTube Channel.

As far as my artistry blog, I will try to have at least 2-3 new post every week. That is the same with my YouTube account. So believe THERE WILL BE RANDOM POST (most like about "nothing"), because of my attempt to create them consistently.

And [some people are] saying "oh you must have nothing to do", "you must have too much free time", "get a hobby"...well surprise to you, this is my hobby. In my creation of these and my videos I have no free time. If you have been keeping up, I am behind on pictures on my Grant Photography page.

But to anyone who feels that this or my YouTube post is done out of boredom, or lack of something better to do. You are sadly mistaken. They are done as a form of expression. They are done as a "hobby" which I choose to do out of interest in expressing my thoughts to the world, and not out of boredom.

apologize that you don't have the free time to explore everything you are interested in your own life, but DO NOT rain on my parade in light of supporting what I choose to do.

In other words, be a part of my life, or get out of my life.

I'm spring cleaning, so don't get thrown away with the trash. Cause either way I'll encourage myself.

Love you all,

Comment below if you so desire. I've had to edit it due to misconceptions on what this was about. Tomorrow's blog will address that.

And tell your friends to check me out.

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1 comment:

Val said...

dude you are soo getting into this blog thing. lol... I don't think you should have to address anyone about what you write though, it is a blog and what you write is what you want to so know one can blame you for that or complain about what you said. I firmly beleive that people shouldn't read it or watch it or listen to it if they don't agree and are angered or something. If it bothers you ignore blog whatever you want. No one should be offended we all have thoughts that could be controversial if we chose to express them.