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Saturday, May 10, 2008


So it has been brought to my attention that I tend to have a spelling and grammar issue when I make post.

So to fix that I will be re-reading my post prior to posting them. With the grammar/spelling, I ten to just type as I think, and then publish the post. And I feel I have slight dylexia, because I will think one thing and type it backwards. Also, our fingers are conditioned to typing certain phrases or specific letters after one another, so I may slip up and you'll see "and" where "an" should be just because may hand it used to typing "d" after "n" in that word.

But now I will try to make sure that I am grammatically appropriate, as well as fixing spelling errors.

But do believe, I will get lazy and have some slang/Ebonics, so if you can't understand, hire a translator.

But yea, nothing for today cause this is a busy weekend...and tomorrow is Mother's Day..I'll blog that, and then Monday, I'll hit you with a weekend recap as usually. Stay tuned for a possible video this weekend or Monday...Not sure yet.



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