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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wolfpack Presidential (Click for More)

**I apologize that the pics are bad. I had accidentally left my camera in the car, so I had to use my phone/ CLICK HERE TO SEE MY VIDEO**

So last night I went to the Obama Event Party at NC State. It was fun and filled with energy, mostly because by the time it had started, around 9 PM, CNN already had anticipated his win in NC, followed by him slowly closing in on Hilary Clinton in Indiana (which although she won, it wasn't by enough to brag about, in comparison to his nearly SPANKING her in NC - based on votes not percentage).

But Tenesha invited me, because she didn't want to go alone. I personally didn't care to go at all, but I went in support of her. I'm political, but I don't really care about this part now, I know who I voted for, but in November there will only be 1 option anyways, and they will be saying the same things they have said since the first primary vote (unless Hilary continues to change her mind about every topic as she realizes people are losing interest in her).

So I "got" (ask if you need clarification) a ticket and went. We were at the front of the stage, while being in the back of the group.
When you see the THOUSAND of people on TV at these parties, it's all camera tricks. The people on stage, and the ones in the stands around him, were about all the people there. The ones on the floor is a small group just to give the camera some heads to look over to show on TV, but it wasn't too packed on the floor because most of the people were in the stands as a back drop for when the cameras pan and zoom.

But he spoke, and we couldn't hear him over everyone yelling. But you guys hear a direct audio feed from the mics into your TVs, we hear the stadium speakers...which SUCK! We cheered, my legs were sore, and we went home. But it was a good experience to be a part of the "Yes We Can"..."Change We Can Believe In" Movements.

So in November make sure you support Obama, cause Hilary might not be able to catch up. Sorry Hitlery...I mean Billary....I mean HILARY...

Can't seem to get that right.

And I voted...Did you?

*See video at bottom*

**Question: how is he able to memorize his speech, but Hilary must continually look at her notes? Odd, He might have glanced down a few times (if at all), but there are times where she is straight reading from a piece of paper!!! What the "truck" is up with that...??**


Val said...

yeah so definitely did vote....unfortunately I didn't get to change my party registration in time and so I was stuck with a Republican ticket...long story short I only voted for a few offices on it and the Ron Paul for Pres because I knew he would lose anyways....I wanted to vote for Obama though...hate that I couldn't

Green said...

It's all good, he ended up winning NC anyways. Just change it by November if you want to vote him over McCain, since McCain wants us to go to war for 100 years.