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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Your Degree is a Shame...No, the Article is a Shame...

Many of you may have heard about the Rape Allegation Case of 2006 in Durham, NC. If you don't know anything about it here is a quick rundown:

A NCCU (North Carolina Central University) student, who is/was a "private dancer", along with another friend were hired to work a party. The party was thrown by Duke University's Lacrosse team. After a scuffle, some yelling, etc, she (the NCCU student), pressed charges against the team saying a number of the players raped, and sexually assaulted her. Come to find out, she was lying (so they saw. They may not have raped her, but I'm sure they touched her inappropriately at some point) . It created a massive socio-economic and racial tension in Durham.

Well on last Friday, May 23, 2008, a Duke University Student wrote a column entitled "Summa cum Loony" for an independent newspaper that is circulated throughout Duke's campus.

The main focus of her article is that she can longer take a Degree from NCCU seriously because they gave a degree, to not only the girl that accused the players of rape, but also to a convicted felon who robbed two Duke students at gunpoint in 2007.

Here is a statement from her column:

"Just this month, the university graduated Crystal Mangum, the drug-addled, mentally unstable prostitute who falsely accused three lacrosse players of raping her two years ago."

All name calling and personal agenda's aside, this "b*tch" is RUDE (excuse my slang). Because a school gave out 2 degrees to people whom you might call immoral or unethical, doesn't mean you should call the school immoral or unethical.

I don't care if Satan was a student at NCCU, if he did his work, payed is bills, and was academically successful, he can be Valedictorian for all I care. But who am I to judge. Who is she to judge.

In addition, Duke's record is not spot clean for handing out degrees to saints. I personally know a number of Duke students who partake in the number of activities that she accuses the NCCU students of, the difference is, many of the Duke students either are not caught, or mommy and daddy pays enough money to the school where it "disappears" from their record. (My personal opinion).

As well, NCCU has granted degrees to a number of very well known and successful individuals. I want to know your personal take on this matter.

But that's my take on it. What do you think? Leave comments.



Keep up, I'm a Jones! said...

She was petty as hell for making that comment. I agree with you.

your favorite coworker said...

Ok so I do not totally agree with you on this one. I agree that she was rude in the article and went overboard, and I also believe that she should not have attacked the school and generalized it as accepting of the behavior. However, I do not agree with your idea that as long as someone pays their bills and is academically successful then they should be able to graduate. If the school has an honor code of the way that the students should act on campus and off then she should not have been allowed to finish or at least not without some form of suspension or random drug tests. If their is an honor code that stipulates you can't do these things then that is part of the responsibility of being in college and if don't take it seriously then you don't deserve to be there. Keeping people who committ those kinds of acts in a degree seeking program seems to say that you can do whatever you want and still get your degree. Personally I think the girl should have been arrested for perjury and making false claims in a court of law, but thats just my opinion. I also believe that what the girl said about Central should be said about Duke and every other college too. People who lead those kinds of life while in school (if their school prohibits it) should be held accountable if caught.
Ok I am done commenting now, but thats what I think...could right more but don't feel like it, lol.