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Thursday, May 15, 2008

One Stop Drop Shop

Well this weekend I helped Tenesha move into her apartment, and I thought to myself, I don't like the way my bathroom looks because it doesn't define me.  When I first moved into the apartment, I just bought a quick, cheap, burgundy, blue, and cream bathroom set.  I got tired of that quick, so I this past Monday I went to Target and upgraded my bathroom.  Here is a tour.

First I started with the shower curtain which is filled with a variety of colored blocks (green being the most important). Along with that I purchased an orange and a green rug for the floor.

I didn't stop there, I got some containers for the sink that hold lotion, toothbrushes, and a container for my Q-tips.  On two of the containers I used stickers for letters to signify the difference between my lotion and my soap, for any guest.

Lastly, for a little touch, I took some cheap picture frames and placed colored construction paper inside of them and using the stickers, created a number of sayings, and placed them above the toilet.  If you can't see them in the picture below they say:
"Green Means Go"
"Don't Waste My Tissue"
"Wipe the Seat if you Miss"
"Towel to Dry Hands; Behind Door"
"Make sure you Flush"

Yea, showers aren't the same when they are that bright!

Welcome to the "One Stop Drop Shop" ~ B. White

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Keep up, I'm a Jones! said...

I like. It's bold and fun...