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Friday, May 16, 2008

Boy Wonder

On Wednesday, May 14, WRAL posted this article 10-year-old scholar takes Calif. college by storm, which is basically about what the title says; a ten year old kid in college. Though its not the fact that he is in college that amazes me, it is how his parents responded to the level of intelligence their son possess.

While in college, I spoke with a lot of friends who informed me that they weren't happy with their major, or that it wasn't what they wanted out of life. Instead a family member, most like a mother or father, pushed them into becoming a doctor, or a lawyer, or an engineer. But if you read the article, his parents "
never planned to enroll their son in college at age 8, and sought to put him in a private elementary school when he was 6" [WRAL]. It was actually his teachers that suggested it.

"I told his parents that his ability was much higher than that level, that he should take a higher-level course," Liao says. "But his parents didn't want to push him." quoted one teacher [WRAL]. And that is how parents should be. Supportive without being overly aggressive. It is nice to provide wisdom and advice, but for a child to be academically proficient, they must be allowed to pursue their OWN dream at their OWN pace. Being supportive and pressuring are two different concepts, and it is a concept that these parents have grasped.

Along with that, the child himself is quite gifted, and is able to comprehend information objectively, which allows him to better understand it. Yet in the same regards he feels no pressure to overachieve or overcome because he doesn't have that authority figure continually breathing down his neck.

So kids follow your dreams. He is planning to study what interest him, and in that he is much more successful because he is interested in it. And parents allow your kids to follow their own dream. You had your chance, and although you may not agree, support them, but do not pressure them for that may cause rebellion and opposition.

I thought the article was interesting, but I looked at it from a different perspective. Not only was he a child "genius", his parents still understood that he was a kid at the end of the day. But I guess its easier to do when your kid is already smart, versus having a dumb kid that you just want to pass the 10th grade so he can get that job at McDonald's. [and yes, there are dumb kids, not just intellectually, but even in decision making].

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