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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Filler Spiller

The original post that was here got removed. I no longer liked it, and it suffered grammatical issues because I was rushed in producing it. I'm sure this one will have errors as well, but I don't care, get over it.

So I'm filling this space with randomosity, or basically nothing in particular. How about my readers fill this space.

Go down below and leave a comment about anything. Whether you like my blogs, if there is an specific topic you would like for me to cover, anything. So, unlike usual where you just read my blog and then exit out, just scroll down and click "add comment" in the comments section (where it says "comments were made" - click that) and leave a little something. Anything. Even if it's a "Hi, Green" and your name.

Today is my reader's day where you the reader gets to blog on my blog. I may do it more often, maybe once a week so keep up if there is anything you want me to cover specifically.




Anonymous said...

A comment: "Hi Green... You're an ASS!".

SOME members of your audience, read your blogs AND make comments. SOME of us also value proper usage of the language, grammar, tone, etc. I can't believe you took the other post down....

C'est la vie~

Green said...

Ok, LJ, I'll remember that, Thanks.
Even though my "audience" is like 3 people big. I'm sure a number of people "look" at my blog, but my "following" consist of 3-4 people max!

Blank Mind of Treizie said...

Hi there Green..

I appreciate the fact that you did some effort to visit my blog.

And for that i am leaving a comment here just to show you how thankful i am.

If you have time, please visit my blog often.. he he he

Green said...

Treizie, it actually looks at if you've changed your blog since I last looked at it, but I will keep note of it. Thanks for checking mine, continue to come back often..