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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Time Consumption

*Picture from Discovery Education

So I want to say to my 3-4 loyal fans, this will be the last Saturday that I blog. My weekends are very action packed, and wonderful adventures, and so writing a blog tends to slow progress. So after today, I will no longer be writing blogs on Saturday or Sunday.

If there is something from my weekend that I wish to share, it will either be in a blog for the following week, or I may post a YouTube video in regards to that topic.

This is to not only help myself, but also, for the readers of my blog, it will give you the weekend to catch up on a weeks worth of blogs, and also if you are unavailable for the weekend you don't have to worry about having missed something.

So YAY for the weekends, and goodbye to my Saturday and Sunday blogs.

Thanks for the support,

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