by: Grant Photography - Evin

Monday, May 12, 2008

Obey Your Thirst

Meet "Sprite". Sprite is my new 6 week old Green Parakeet that I scooped up from the store. This isn't him in the picture, but this is as close as I could get from an internet search. I haven't taken any pictures of him yet.

Right now he is a little tense, so I haven't been able to hold him or really even touch him. He has a tendency to flap away as I stick my hand in the cage just to give him clean water or move his stuff around.

He is unable to fly, as his wings have been clipped, but I need him to get acquainted with me before they grow out again because I will need to have the wings and the nails clipped before either get too long.

But yes, this is my new buddy Sprite. I've been trying to talk to him, and allow him to get use to having me around so that he's not so afraid. Hopefully by the end of the week (more like the end of the month), he/she (too young to tell), may be more comfortable with me.

But everyone meet Sprite. Thats all I have to say about that (Forrest Gump style). If you have any questions or tips let me know. And I'll have to make sure my mom doesn't get a hold of him. My sister said she sold her parakeet.


More info on parakeets click here.
Picture from a google search.