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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ramble Bamble....

You know, nothing specific has really been on my mind lately. Nothing extravagant has really happened. Nothing has really sparked my imagination or interest. I think it's because I'm not doing as much as I used to.

Not that I'm sitting in the house doing nothing, it's that I've been overly busy with doing stuff that I haven't had the time to do my usual thinking and writing. I will say this, after that hail storm this past Tuesday, the weather has been splendid. Warm but not too hot type of weather.

Gas is still going up. It was $3.87 on my way to work today, and the oil companies say they have nothing to do with it. That's like Satan owning hell, but saying he has nothing to do with the temperature. Turn on some fans, bruh. I need to get with that Billy Goat and ask him if there were really lakes of fire, and if they have life guards for swimming. I'm sure "Hell-sharks" are a beast. But yea, Memorial Day is looking slim on travel this year. You do have your die-hards that are going to races, and bike weeks, etc. But is it that serious to pay the money for gas, or air-fair, hotel, and food, just to "freaknik"...bull-crap, all the money you could save by not going, just buy some nudey-booty movies.

And on the subject of travel, starting in June, airlines will be charging for luggage in addition to the ticket price. $15 for the first checked bag and $20 for each additional bag, I don't think that is including carry-ons, just stored luggage. That is to compensate for the price of gas. Ain't that a "witch". Good thing I'm already too broke to travel. But this"recessing non-recession" that this president has us in, is all blamed on republicans that voted for him because they didn't know any better, and democrats that where feared into thinking the "war" was about something real. Gullible-ass liberals.

So those are today's random thoughts. Also, maybe 2 people read my blog yesterday, and only 1 commented (hope I published it, if not, I'll go back and do it). Whats with my fan base. NO ONE CARES!!...but that's cool, I'mma write anyways.

Peace like chicken and hair grease.

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