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Friday, May 9, 2008

My lack of sensitivity....

So yesterday I wrote a blog in reference to the frequency in which I will be writing blogs. Note this: THE POST WAS ABOUT ME STARTING TO WRITE A NEW BLOG EVERYDAY. The rest was said jokingly, with a FEW serious statements. But nothing was to be taken to heart. Jokingly people tell me I have nothing better to do or I'm bored, and to those people, I am not referencing you. But there are others out there that truly are, what some would say; against me, and so that was more or less to them.

Some people laughed at yesterday's blog. And some people didn't. The people that had never seen that side of me were in shock and awe. But those who know how I can get, laughed it off and told me to stop acting stupid.

There will be times I write blogs that people my not agree with, or my feel hurt by. Put a comment below and I'll address it. I'm never going to go to far or just seem out right rude or incompetent, but everyone is not going to agree with what I say, and I may even say things that are shocking.

Just note, they are thoughts, nothing is charted out or planned, I write it as I think it. If you need clarification about something, click on "add comment" below and I'll address it.

It was not about kicking people out of my life. That will come later...HAHAHA!!

In reference to a few things. The blog was e-mailed to my family, but more people than just my family read the blogs. Below are a few responses that I had to make in order for people not to smear my name in the streets do to miscommunication:

"my blog was very general and called no one out...anyone that was offended called themselves out..."

"but people can be a bit sensitive..."

"I only have the e-mails of family...but many other people read my it was a very general blog...with no references to any particular person"

"just wanted to inform most people that I am writing blogs everyday now..."

"more or less to be informative...I just got heated near the end...but more than just family read my blogs..."

"So I had to add a disclaimer to the beginning of my blog because I realized more people took it personally than necessary. Not all off of my blogs have been of this nature. This is [yesterday]’s blog, other blogs, included some of my poems and videos are of encouragement, everyday events, and other things in life, not just my own."

"I hope people don’t read this one blog and get an incorrect perspective of who I am, without reading any of the other blogs that I have posted. If so, that is a regard to their own shallowness in judging who I am based on what I’ve written in 1 blog, disregarding anything else I have written, because they have read none of the others."

But if you were offended I do apologize, but remember my life is just as real as yours and you should respect that. But please do read my other blogs if you haven't. You will see that many of them are not like the last one.

But in addition to random blogs there will be discussions of events in my life, and they may offended some people. Yet, for me to overcome my own trials, I will need to address them, and if someone is offended by that, then they themselves my be the trial that I am overcoming. And if you feel that it is you, just ask

I will let you know if it has anything to do with you or not. But if you don't think it is about you, don't take it so personally. Unless I blatantly call you out, then don't assume it is about you, because then there will be unnecessary hostility that could have been avoided.

**And also, this blog was not written at work, it was written the day before and set to post in the morning. Many of my blogs are pre-written and set to post while I'm at work, so no, I don't write blogs at work everyday. To help clear that up as well - not directed at any particular person - another GENERAL statement (so I really hope I don't have say this in every personal blog)**


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