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Monday, May 5, 2008

Looking Back

I had not intention of blogging today, I was just going to make a video about my mishap. But I decided to start this week with a little excerpt of my weekend. Oh, and is it funny. (I did make a video, click here)

Friday: So I get in from work and dropping the roommate off at the airport, and I decide to play some Gran Theft Auto 4 (Click here to see a video of it). Well I'm playing the game, and it is about 6. I am minding my own business. Playing single player, playing online, not a care in the world. Earlier that day I sent Tenesha a text message, but she didn't responded. Figured she was at work dealing with the kids and couldn't get back at me, a usual deal so I kept playing my game.

Well around 10:30 that night, my brother in law shows up at my front door. I let him in thinking he just wanted to hang out somewhere, so I go back to playing the game. This dude tells me that for the past 4 or so hours him, my sister, my mom, and Tenesha have been trying to call and text me. (SO ANY ONE ELSE THAT TRIED, SORRY). Come to find out, my phone had not been receiving calls all night. My sister then came in the house and called my phone with her phone and we sat there watching it not ring. So yea, I wasn't passed out, and no one was holding me hostage, I was chilling playing my game without a care in the world, while my loving family freaked out thinking I was dead or something. But I appreciate the concern, a lot of people don't have that. So if you call me next time, leave voicemails, I'll get them the next morning I guess.

Well Saturday I wake up and discover that I did have voicemails just the little symbol didn't come up & although I sent text messages, MY phone said they never got sent (sitting in the drafts box), but like Tenesha said she got the one I sent her and responded to it. So yea, odd. Saturday I went back to playing some GTA4.

Then I had my Cinco/Tres de Mayo party. It was fun had some homies over we played Rock Band and Wii. I re-broke Rock Band. So I was playing a song and then on the next song the RED DRUM PAD stopped working. And that a mother-shut-yo-mouth. So that was the highlight/lowlight of Saturday. I did get to hang with my homie from Cali and his Hispanic Mami, Also Kira and Travis came by. But out of no where, my homie Born from high school popped up. A few other people were gonna come, but they choice not to since the male to female ratio was pretty equal.

Well Sunday morning had to be at church at 8, because my mother was preaching. Talk about being tired. Moving on. She had a really good sermon though, that I actually listened to and took parts of it with me. (Funny thing, I recited a part of her sermon to her, and she didn't remember it. Was she not listening to herself?) But then we had family plus (meaning a lot of other people) dinner after church. Lost to my homeboy in spades again, and then went home to clean and get the roommate from the airport.

So yea, that was my weekend. Probably the most I've done in a while. Well other than seeing my Brother In Law at that restaurant/bar that time. That was funny.

I'm Gone

P.S. I sent in a request to get my drums replaced. Hopefully they will do it, because playing the drums is my favorite part. Guess that explains why they are broke now.

GTA 4 Review Below from: BruinGOLD53

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