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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Because She is Materialistic...And He has on Bling...

So my mother forwarded me this e-mail with a video that I have attached below. The video it a little over 6 months or so old, but I'm just seeing it for the first time. Many of you may be also.

In that same regards a number of people have stated that the video is fake and that he has done this for attention (a number of people have said in other videos he states getting AIDS from Lil Bow Wow), whether it was him or not, whether what he states is true or not, there are a number of things to be learned from this. Listen for yourself. But he is right, there are many "easy girls" that will lay down for the glitter and glamor of a life they are not promised, and will do it without any regards to they own personal safety because they are more worried about the attention they will get, or the car they will get to ride in. Etc....just watch.

Whether or not he had spread AIDS isn’t the issue…the fact that there is truth in that women will lay down over material things, attention, fame, etc. is what he is trying to address. Basically he was saying that he gave over 15,000 women AIDS because they were more concerned with the fact that he drove a Jaguar and had on jewelry…rather than concerned about having protected sex.

He listed off a few names of women that had sex with him and not once asked if he had a condom, but they were quick to hop in his car after leaving the club, because he had nice material things. Watch Below!

A response that I got:
"Be that as it may, that fact was disgustingly overshadowed by his "method" of bringing this information to the forefront. Just as simple as your saying that there is truth to this, so could have been the delivery of his message. Furthermore, that was NOT his only point. He made it clear that because such females "don't give a f**k", he doesn't either and so he wanted to "teach them a lesson". Unfortunately he spoke to another truth of a number of minority men not putting themselves in the position to uplift their woman... rather, beat them down, destroy their lives, etc."
This is a whole different issue that may be addressed later.

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