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Friday, May 30, 2008

God Blocked It

**UPDATE 2 June 2 - See Below**

**I know I have a blog for today already, but I needed to post this and it will stay up until Wednesday. Sorry if there are errors, I'm still shook up. Will edit later, may add more. you will know if I do.**

So today around 5:00 PM I was traveling from work in RTP down Highway 147 towards Ellis road in Durham. At that time a bullet went through my rear window and fell into the car. As i was driving I heard a loud popping sound. One similar to a tire being blown. I looked around, didn't notice any funny, my car was fine so I kept rolling.

When I got into Durham I went to the barber shop sat in the first chair closing to the window and got a shape up. My car still looked fine. Well upon exited the barber shop, as I got closer to my car the rear window looked foggy. I walked around the car to find that the glass was shattered. To be honest the first thing I thought was that I played my music so loud it blew out the window.

Well I drive to my parent's house which is right around the corner and as my mother an I inspect the vehicle (which it is due for inspection this month) I see a bullet laying on the rear dash. We call the sheriff. He comes out and informs me that the bullet was larger than that of the .45 caliber pistol he carries. He also said that 2 weeks prior a shooting happened in the same area at a business were a group of people were having a meeting around 1 AM. The shooters shot into the meeting at the employees minding their business.

So he said some one meant business. But no one should have business with me. And if someone really wanted me dead, I would assume they would have shot more than 1 time into the car. I think it was gang related and they were looking for someone to shoot at. Thank God they only hit my rear window and not me or any other driver. A co-worker of mine stated that no one could have been following me in order to target me. I travel highway 147 about once a month, and for someone to know I intended to travel to Durham on that day is impossible. I live in the opposite direction of Durham and I never take any highway home. So I was a random target. Also in the pictures you will notice the bullet in angled down into the car, meaning it was shot from a higher elevation, embankment, exit, bridge? So, that made sense. If someone was looking to find me, they would have traveled down the roads I normally take home, and not to Durham once a month on any random day.

I was fine at my parent's, but when I left to go home, I realized I was a little shaken up as I got nervous anytime a car got close to me. I think my step father noticed it and he began talking to me as we drove to pick up his vehicle. I am driving his other one til I get my glass fixed.

But I thank the Lord that it was not my time, or any one else's on that street for that matter. I am alive, and I ask that you pray for me and also yourselves and loved ones as they travel.

I have pictures that you can go see here, or view the video below. Song in video Kurt Carr - God Blocked It

Thank You,

Slacker Jacker

I want to apologize. I'm sorry, I mean like REALLY sorry. Sorry to the 3-4 people that actually try to keep up with what is going on. I'm over a week behind on my YouTube videos, so more like 2-3 weeks (but I did make a video Wednesday explaining my absence).

I know I've been slacking on my poetry as well, but last week I did 1 poem a day, and I also created a poem yesterday. So for those that are behind, it will give you time to catch up (Click Here To Read Poems). Also with my Photography, I'm not out and about as I once was, so I have been slacking. But recently I did go to W.B. Umstead park in Raleigh, NC and good about 142 photos. I think about 27 were actually published.

So if you look in the left hand column and view my "Updates" section, you should see the latest photos. Make sure you check out any other's while you are there.

I should hopefully be back onto photography and YouTube videos soon. That also means I expect you to show support in those areas as well as reading this blog.

But I have been slacking because I have be busy and preoccupied for the past month almost, so I haven't had the time to "Vlog" or do photography. Also because it takes $100,000 to fill up my gas tank, I haven't been trying to drive too much to go take pictures. But give me time, and I'll have everything in order. I did make a video on this past Wednesday, so you can go view that, I just haven't gotten back into the swing of things, so I can't just say I'm back making videos. I might have another this weekend, probably Saturday, or wait and post it Monday and just make it this weekend. I don't know, just watch and see.

Also, I am reducing my blogs, ONCE AGAIN! I am no longer going to write a day once a day, for 5 days a week. Not only is it a lot on me, it is also a lot on my readers that don't check my blogs often (once a month is not often - 2-3 times a week is often - once a week, I'll let slide. You can check your e-mail everyday, but can't stop to read a paragraph of a blog twice a week? What a shame). I am structuring my blogs to a minimum of 3 a week; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This will be starting next week on Monday, June 2, 2008.

Yet, if there is something that I feel needs to be addressed on a day other than those 3, I will do so accordingly. For the most part, expect new blogs on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Giving my 4 readers the time to read and also COMMENT (which many of you are not doing!!!). I don't expect a long drawn out synopsis of how you feel based on what you read. Just a snippet of an idea is fine. Is something sparks your thoughts, write a lot. That is what the comment space is for, your comments and responses. Respond to each other comments, I don't care, just use the dang on comment box.

Moving on, I will have more time for my poems, videos, and photography soon. Be patient and Pay Attention!

That is all.
Now run along and play.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Your Degree is a Shame...No, the Article is a Shame...

Many of you may have heard about the Rape Allegation Case of 2006 in Durham, NC. If you don't know anything about it here is a quick rundown:

A NCCU (North Carolina Central University) student, who is/was a "private dancer", along with another friend were hired to work a party. The party was thrown by Duke University's Lacrosse team. After a scuffle, some yelling, etc, she (the NCCU student), pressed charges against the team saying a number of the players raped, and sexually assaulted her. Come to find out, she was lying (so they saw. They may not have raped her, but I'm sure they touched her inappropriately at some point) . It created a massive socio-economic and racial tension in Durham.

Well on last Friday, May 23, 2008, a Duke University Student wrote a column entitled "Summa cum Loony" for an independent newspaper that is circulated throughout Duke's campus.

The main focus of her article is that she can longer take a Degree from NCCU seriously because they gave a degree, to not only the girl that accused the players of rape, but also to a convicted felon who robbed two Duke students at gunpoint in 2007.

Here is a statement from her column:

"Just this month, the university graduated Crystal Mangum, the drug-addled, mentally unstable prostitute who falsely accused three lacrosse players of raping her two years ago."

All name calling and personal agenda's aside, this "b*tch" is RUDE (excuse my slang). Because a school gave out 2 degrees to people whom you might call immoral or unethical, doesn't mean you should call the school immoral or unethical.

I don't care if Satan was a student at NCCU, if he did his work, payed is bills, and was academically successful, he can be Valedictorian for all I care. But who am I to judge. Who is she to judge.

In addition, Duke's record is not spot clean for handing out degrees to saints. I personally know a number of Duke students who partake in the number of activities that she accuses the NCCU students of, the difference is, many of the Duke students either are not caught, or mommy and daddy pays enough money to the school where it "disappears" from their record. (My personal opinion).

As well, NCCU has granted degrees to a number of very well known and successful individuals. I want to know your personal take on this matter.

But that's my take on it. What do you think? Leave comments.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fill it Up

So here it is again. A Wednesday, your day to write on my blog. Use the comment section below and spill your guts.

Write about you, maybe about me. If you have a blog, post the link. Whatever you choice, do it below. I don't really have much to say. Well I may add somethings.

But for the most part of it, this is about YOU, my readers. Comment below.

**Meaning I'll get...1 comment at the most**

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Re-Memorializing Day

So yesterday was Memorial Day, and I didn't write anything because it was a holiday. I didn't do anything special the weekend other than chill out with my peoples.

I hope everyone had their fun cookouts and parties and such. I had fun of my own and your couldn't be there. Sorry.

But we are beginning a new week. Hope you have new fun.


Friday, May 23, 2008


Image from Myxer

I'm not 100% sure of the legality behind this. I myself have used this website a few times and so far I've enjoyed it. But direct yourself to and get free ringtones. I was skeptical at first, but then after using it, I would recommend it to everyone.

All you do is go on the website, search up some stuff and send it to your phone. You will get a text message to a link to where your phone will have to download the song, and presto, a new free ring tone. After getting about 3, they do require you to make an account. To my knowledge the account is free as well.

There is even the ability to upload songs in your personal collection to make into ring tones, or if you are a musical artist or a poet, you can upload your own original music or poems, turn them into ring tones and sell them.

As I said, I have tried it, and I like it. In the search you can find pretty much anything, from rap, to rock, to gospel, even quirky random sayings. I have a few songs made by independent artist that were funny like the "Your Momma is Callin" song, pretty funny stuff.

But go check out, and keep reading my blogs.
Thanks for showing me this...**You know who you are**


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ramble Bamble....

You know, nothing specific has really been on my mind lately. Nothing extravagant has really happened. Nothing has really sparked my imagination or interest. I think it's because I'm not doing as much as I used to.

Not that I'm sitting in the house doing nothing, it's that I've been overly busy with doing stuff that I haven't had the time to do my usual thinking and writing. I will say this, after that hail storm this past Tuesday, the weather has been splendid. Warm but not too hot type of weather.

Gas is still going up. It was $3.87 on my way to work today, and the oil companies say they have nothing to do with it. That's like Satan owning hell, but saying he has nothing to do with the temperature. Turn on some fans, bruh. I need to get with that Billy Goat and ask him if there were really lakes of fire, and if they have life guards for swimming. I'm sure "Hell-sharks" are a beast. But yea, Memorial Day is looking slim on travel this year. You do have your die-hards that are going to races, and bike weeks, etc. But is it that serious to pay the money for gas, or air-fair, hotel, and food, just to "freaknik"...bull-crap, all the money you could save by not going, just buy some nudey-booty movies.

And on the subject of travel, starting in June, airlines will be charging for luggage in addition to the ticket price. $15 for the first checked bag and $20 for each additional bag, I don't think that is including carry-ons, just stored luggage. That is to compensate for the price of gas. Ain't that a "witch". Good thing I'm already too broke to travel. But this"recessing non-recession" that this president has us in, is all blamed on republicans that voted for him because they didn't know any better, and democrats that where feared into thinking the "war" was about something real. Gullible-ass liberals.

So those are today's random thoughts. Also, maybe 2 people read my blog yesterday, and only 1 commented (hope I published it, if not, I'll go back and do it). Whats with my fan base. NO ONE CARES!!...but that's cool, I'mma write anyways.

Peace like chicken and hair grease.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Filler Spiller

The original post that was here got removed. I no longer liked it, and it suffered grammatical issues because I was rushed in producing it. I'm sure this one will have errors as well, but I don't care, get over it.

So I'm filling this space with randomosity, or basically nothing in particular. How about my readers fill this space.

Go down below and leave a comment about anything. Whether you like my blogs, if there is an specific topic you would like for me to cover, anything. So, unlike usual where you just read my blog and then exit out, just scroll down and click "add comment" in the comments section (where it says "comments were made" - click that) and leave a little something. Anything. Even if it's a "Hi, Green" and your name.

Today is my reader's day where you the reader gets to blog on my blog. I may do it more often, maybe once a week so keep up if there is anything you want me to cover specifically.



Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Because She is Materialistic...And He has on Bling...

So my mother forwarded me this e-mail with a video that I have attached below. The video it a little over 6 months or so old, but I'm just seeing it for the first time. Many of you may be also.

In that same regards a number of people have stated that the video is fake and that he has done this for attention (a number of people have said in other videos he states getting AIDS from Lil Bow Wow), whether it was him or not, whether what he states is true or not, there are a number of things to be learned from this. Listen for yourself. But he is right, there are many "easy girls" that will lay down for the glitter and glamor of a life they are not promised, and will do it without any regards to they own personal safety because they are more worried about the attention they will get, or the car they will get to ride in. Etc....just watch.

Whether or not he had spread AIDS isn’t the issue…the fact that there is truth in that women will lay down over material things, attention, fame, etc. is what he is trying to address. Basically he was saying that he gave over 15,000 women AIDS because they were more concerned with the fact that he drove a Jaguar and had on jewelry…rather than concerned about having protected sex.

He listed off a few names of women that had sex with him and not once asked if he had a condom, but they were quick to hop in his car after leaving the club, because he had nice material things. Watch Below!

A response that I got:
"Be that as it may, that fact was disgustingly overshadowed by his "method" of bringing this information to the forefront. Just as simple as your saying that there is truth to this, so could have been the delivery of his message. Furthermore, that was NOT his only point. He made it clear that because such females "don't give a f**k", he doesn't either and so he wanted to "teach them a lesson". Unfortunately he spoke to another truth of a number of minority men not putting themselves in the position to uplift their woman... rather, beat them down, destroy their lives, etc."
This is a whole different issue that may be addressed later.

Monday, May 19, 2008

One By One

So I have noticed a phenomenon lately that I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed. If you live in North Carolina, you've encountered it, but probably never stopped to think about it. What I have encountered is death. Not in my own life (Thank the Lord), but around me. In the past 2 weeks alone, someone in North Carolina has died EVERYDAY. AT LEAST ONE PERSON A DAY.

This is coming from WRAL, so that means at least 1 death a day is reported, there are countless others that go unreported, because either they have no case behind them, such as heart attacks or strokes, or they are not media catching. And I know many are thinking, "well poor kids die in Africa everyday", and we've known that for over 200 years. But for someone to randomly die once a die, that is frightening this close to home. A hungry nation versus two women getting hit outside of a University within a 3 day period all in a few miles from one another, is quite a bit different. To top it off, a girl from the University was killed, who happened to also be outside jogging. Are the health conscious the first to go?

A number of car wrecks that lead to deaths, domestic stabbings, battered children. Day by day, one by one, someone in North Carolina has passed. AND THAT IS JUST NORTH CAROLINA. Maybe I'm the only one seeing it. People are killed quite often in Durham, so death itself is not what is surprising me, its the number of "I can't believe they died" deaths that are happening every day.

If you have any comments on this, please leave them in the "Add comments" sections below. Maybe I'm tripping, but something is just not right.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Time Consumption

*Picture from Discovery Education

So I want to say to my 3-4 loyal fans, this will be the last Saturday that I blog. My weekends are very action packed, and wonderful adventures, and so writing a blog tends to slow progress. So after today, I will no longer be writing blogs on Saturday or Sunday.

If there is something from my weekend that I wish to share, it will either be in a blog for the following week, or I may post a YouTube video in regards to that topic.

This is to not only help myself, but also, for the readers of my blog, it will give you the weekend to catch up on a weeks worth of blogs, and also if you are unavailable for the weekend you don't have to worry about having missed something.

So YAY for the weekends, and goodbye to my Saturday and Sunday blogs.

Thanks for the support,

Friday, May 16, 2008

Boy Wonder

On Wednesday, May 14, WRAL posted this article 10-year-old scholar takes Calif. college by storm, which is basically about what the title says; a ten year old kid in college. Though its not the fact that he is in college that amazes me, it is how his parents responded to the level of intelligence their son possess.

While in college, I spoke with a lot of friends who informed me that they weren't happy with their major, or that it wasn't what they wanted out of life. Instead a family member, most like a mother or father, pushed them into becoming a doctor, or a lawyer, or an engineer. But if you read the article, his parents "
never planned to enroll their son in college at age 8, and sought to put him in a private elementary school when he was 6" [WRAL]. It was actually his teachers that suggested it.

"I told his parents that his ability was much higher than that level, that he should take a higher-level course," Liao says. "But his parents didn't want to push him." quoted one teacher [WRAL]. And that is how parents should be. Supportive without being overly aggressive. It is nice to provide wisdom and advice, but for a child to be academically proficient, they must be allowed to pursue their OWN dream at their OWN pace. Being supportive and pressuring are two different concepts, and it is a concept that these parents have grasped.

Along with that, the child himself is quite gifted, and is able to comprehend information objectively, which allows him to better understand it. Yet in the same regards he feels no pressure to overachieve or overcome because he doesn't have that authority figure continually breathing down his neck.

So kids follow your dreams. He is planning to study what interest him, and in that he is much more successful because he is interested in it. And parents allow your kids to follow their own dream. You had your chance, and although you may not agree, support them, but do not pressure them for that may cause rebellion and opposition.

I thought the article was interesting, but I looked at it from a different perspective. Not only was he a child "genius", his parents still understood that he was a kid at the end of the day. But I guess its easier to do when your kid is already smart, versus having a dumb kid that you just want to pass the 10th grade so he can get that job at McDonald's. [and yes, there are dumb kids, not just intellectually, but even in decision making].

Lata Gata,

Thursday, May 15, 2008

One Stop Drop Shop

Well this weekend I helped Tenesha move into her apartment, and I thought to myself, I don't like the way my bathroom looks because it doesn't define me.  When I first moved into the apartment, I just bought a quick, cheap, burgundy, blue, and cream bathroom set.  I got tired of that quick, so I this past Monday I went to Target and upgraded my bathroom.  Here is a tour.

First I started with the shower curtain which is filled with a variety of colored blocks (green being the most important). Along with that I purchased an orange and a green rug for the floor.

I didn't stop there, I got some containers for the sink that hold lotion, toothbrushes, and a container for my Q-tips.  On two of the containers I used stickers for letters to signify the difference between my lotion and my soap, for any guest.

Lastly, for a little touch, I took some cheap picture frames and placed colored construction paper inside of them and using the stickers, created a number of sayings, and placed them above the toilet.  If you can't see them in the picture below they say:
"Green Means Go"
"Don't Waste My Tissue"
"Wipe the Seat if you Miss"
"Towel to Dry Hands; Behind Door"
"Make sure you Flush"

Yea, showers aren't the same when they are that bright!

Welcome to the "One Stop Drop Shop" ~ B. White

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So yesterday I saw the following video, and I thought I should write about it because it was very inspiring. I think the part that I liked the most was when the actress from Ray that played the wife (sorry for not knowing her name, put it in the comments - she is super hot though [Kerry Washington - I found her] And it has that super fly Jessica Alba. I think I'm going to watch it again), but she said how Obama would be the President for the people and not the for "top 10% of the rich or the biggest lobbyist [etc]" and that touched me, because for 8 years now our republican president has been working for the people, but only for the people that could work in his favor. But the majority of the video is similar to the "Yes We Can" video, yet it is narrated by different celebrities explain what they want out of Obama. Also, if allows you to upload your own piece in support. I haven't looked deep into the website, but you can go here for more information. Hope Act Change MAKE SURE YOU VOTE FOR CHANGE '08.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One of Those Days

So have you ever been wide awake, but just left like doing nothing. I'm pretty much feeling like that today. It's not a matter of being lazy, I just feel as though I don't want to be obligated to doing anything. I just want to do things on my own time, and choose to do the things that I prefer to do.

It's, not a get-back-in-the-bed type of feeling, more like a sit here and do nothing type of feeling. My eyes are heavy, but I'm not tired, I feel full of energy, I just don't want to do anything that I HAVE to do. Can people just not have a day to themselves? And some of you are thinking, it's that what the weekend is for. NO, the weekend tends to be days of catch-up for everything you couldn't finish during the week.

Probably 1 weekend a month, does the average have a chance to just have to themselves and do absolutely nothing. Doesn't that seem a little wrong? What part of the American Dream is that? What about the part of LIFE, or does that mean living, and not necessarily having a "life".

But enough of me rambling, cause I'm starting to not want to do this either (HA-HA). But yea, where's a national "Do Nothing Unless You Want To" Day.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Obey Your Thirst

Meet "Sprite". Sprite is my new 6 week old Green Parakeet that I scooped up from the store. This isn't him in the picture, but this is as close as I could get from an internet search. I haven't taken any pictures of him yet.

Right now he is a little tense, so I haven't been able to hold him or really even touch him. He has a tendency to flap away as I stick my hand in the cage just to give him clean water or move his stuff around.

He is unable to fly, as his wings have been clipped, but I need him to get acquainted with me before they grow out again because I will need to have the wings and the nails clipped before either get too long.

But yes, this is my new buddy Sprite. I've been trying to talk to him, and allow him to get use to having me around so that he's not so afraid. Hopefully by the end of the week (more like the end of the month), he/she (too young to tell), may be more comfortable with me.

But everyone meet Sprite. Thats all I have to say about that (Forrest Gump style). If you have any questions or tips let me know. And I'll have to make sure my mom doesn't get a hold of him. My sister said she sold her parakeet.


More info on parakeets click here.
Picture from a google search.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Saying HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all: Mothers, GrandMothers, GodMothers, StepMothers, FosterMothers, PlayMothers, and MOTHERS of any sort. I hope this day is full of wonder and happiness.

And for those who have lost their Mothers or Mothers who have lost there children, know that they are in a better place looking down on us this day.

And a special Happy Mother's Day to my Mom, and Mothers in my Family.

And a Happy Mother's Day/ Happy Birthday to my Sister.

Happy Mother's Day to ALL.


Saturday, May 10, 2008


So it has been brought to my attention that I tend to have a spelling and grammar issue when I make post.

So to fix that I will be re-reading my post prior to posting them. With the grammar/spelling, I ten to just type as I think, and then publish the post. And I feel I have slight dylexia, because I will think one thing and type it backwards. Also, our fingers are conditioned to typing certain phrases or specific letters after one another, so I may slip up and you'll see "and" where "an" should be just because may hand it used to typing "d" after "n" in that word.

But now I will try to make sure that I am grammatically appropriate, as well as fixing spelling errors.

But do believe, I will get lazy and have some slang/Ebonics, so if you can't understand, hire a translator.

But yea, nothing for today cause this is a busy weekend...and tomorrow is Mother's Day..I'll blog that, and then Monday, I'll hit you with a weekend recap as usually. Stay tuned for a possible video this weekend or Monday...Not sure yet.



Friday, May 9, 2008

My lack of sensitivity....

So yesterday I wrote a blog in reference to the frequency in which I will be writing blogs. Note this: THE POST WAS ABOUT ME STARTING TO WRITE A NEW BLOG EVERYDAY. The rest was said jokingly, with a FEW serious statements. But nothing was to be taken to heart. Jokingly people tell me I have nothing better to do or I'm bored, and to those people, I am not referencing you. But there are others out there that truly are, what some would say; against me, and so that was more or less to them.

Some people laughed at yesterday's blog. And some people didn't. The people that had never seen that side of me were in shock and awe. But those who know how I can get, laughed it off and told me to stop acting stupid.

There will be times I write blogs that people my not agree with, or my feel hurt by. Put a comment below and I'll address it. I'm never going to go to far or just seem out right rude or incompetent, but everyone is not going to agree with what I say, and I may even say things that are shocking.

Just note, they are thoughts, nothing is charted out or planned, I write it as I think it. If you need clarification about something, click on "add comment" below and I'll address it.

It was not about kicking people out of my life. That will come later...HAHAHA!!

In reference to a few things. The blog was e-mailed to my family, but more people than just my family read the blogs. Below are a few responses that I had to make in order for people not to smear my name in the streets do to miscommunication:

"my blog was very general and called no one out...anyone that was offended called themselves out..."

"but people can be a bit sensitive..."

"I only have the e-mails of family...but many other people read my it was a very general blog...with no references to any particular person"

"just wanted to inform most people that I am writing blogs everyday now..."

"more or less to be informative...I just got heated near the end...but more than just family read my blogs..."

"So I had to add a disclaimer to the beginning of my blog because I realized more people took it personally than necessary. Not all off of my blogs have been of this nature. This is [yesterday]’s blog, other blogs, included some of my poems and videos are of encouragement, everyday events, and other things in life, not just my own."

"I hope people don’t read this one blog and get an incorrect perspective of who I am, without reading any of the other blogs that I have posted. If so, that is a regard to their own shallowness in judging who I am based on what I’ve written in 1 blog, disregarding anything else I have written, because they have read none of the others."

But if you were offended I do apologize, but remember my life is just as real as yours and you should respect that. But please do read my other blogs if you haven't. You will see that many of them are not like the last one.

But in addition to random blogs there will be discussions of events in my life, and they may offended some people. Yet, for me to overcome my own trials, I will need to address them, and if someone is offended by that, then they themselves my be the trial that I am overcoming. And if you feel that it is you, just ask

I will let you know if it has anything to do with you or not. But if you don't think it is about you, don't take it so personally. Unless I blatantly call you out, then don't assume it is about you, because then there will be unnecessary hostility that could have been avoided.

**And also, this blog was not written at work, it was written the day before and set to post in the morning. Many of my blogs are pre-written and set to post while I'm at work, so no, I don't write blogs at work everyday. To help clear that up as well - not directed at any particular person - another GENERAL statement (so I really hope I don't have say this in every personal blog)**


Thursday, May 8, 2008

When The Sun Is At It's Highest Point...and Some Spring Cleaning!

**PAY ATTENTION/ Disclaimer - this is to be taken lightly...I am not stepping on anyone's toes...just wrote it how I thought it. Don't take stuff too personally, a lot of times it is me and has nothing to do with you. I just wrote it how I thought it, a lot of times I'll just say how I feel about something...and if someone gets offended...i just tell them don't point an angry finger at me for saying it...point an angry finger at yourself for doing it against me.../ and again I edit - this is meant to inform everyone about the frequency in which I will be writing blogs. Anything at the end is mind farts that came out as I typed, but they will not be removed, for I have the freedom to express how I choose./ there will be a follow up blog in regards to this tomorrow.**

So last night I decided (well it's been something I though about for a while), that I am going to try and post a blog once a day, and by noon on each day. Whether that means, creating it the night before and setting it to post the next morning, or just posting one each day before the afternoon.

Either way, if you check my blog every day after noon, there will be something new. So that will require you to check my blogs EVERYDAY, or spend 1 day catching up on all that you missed. This will help get traffic to this blog, my Artistry blog, and my YouTube Channel.

As far as my artistry blog, I will try to have at least 2-3 new post every week. That is the same with my YouTube account. So believe THERE WILL BE RANDOM POST (most like about "nothing"), because of my attempt to create them consistently.

And [some people are] saying "oh you must have nothing to do", "you must have too much free time", "get a hobby"...well surprise to you, this is my hobby. In my creation of these and my videos I have no free time. If you have been keeping up, I am behind on pictures on my Grant Photography page.

But to anyone who feels that this or my YouTube post is done out of boredom, or lack of something better to do. You are sadly mistaken. They are done as a form of expression. They are done as a "hobby" which I choose to do out of interest in expressing my thoughts to the world, and not out of boredom.

apologize that you don't have the free time to explore everything you are interested in your own life, but DO NOT rain on my parade in light of supporting what I choose to do.

In other words, be a part of my life, or get out of my life.

I'm spring cleaning, so don't get thrown away with the trash. Cause either way I'll encourage myself.

Love you all,

Comment below if you so desire. I've had to edit it due to misconceptions on what this was about. Tomorrow's blog will address that.

And tell your friends to check me out.

My Song for 2008: Click here.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wolfpack Presidential (Click for More)

**I apologize that the pics are bad. I had accidentally left my camera in the car, so I had to use my phone/ CLICK HERE TO SEE MY VIDEO**

So last night I went to the Obama Event Party at NC State. It was fun and filled with energy, mostly because by the time it had started, around 9 PM, CNN already had anticipated his win in NC, followed by him slowly closing in on Hilary Clinton in Indiana (which although she won, it wasn't by enough to brag about, in comparison to his nearly SPANKING her in NC - based on votes not percentage).

But Tenesha invited me, because she didn't want to go alone. I personally didn't care to go at all, but I went in support of her. I'm political, but I don't really care about this part now, I know who I voted for, but in November there will only be 1 option anyways, and they will be saying the same things they have said since the first primary vote (unless Hilary continues to change her mind about every topic as she realizes people are losing interest in her).

So I "got" (ask if you need clarification) a ticket and went. We were at the front of the stage, while being in the back of the group.
When you see the THOUSAND of people on TV at these parties, it's all camera tricks. The people on stage, and the ones in the stands around him, were about all the people there. The ones on the floor is a small group just to give the camera some heads to look over to show on TV, but it wasn't too packed on the floor because most of the people were in the stands as a back drop for when the cameras pan and zoom.

But he spoke, and we couldn't hear him over everyone yelling. But you guys hear a direct audio feed from the mics into your TVs, we hear the stadium speakers...which SUCK! We cheered, my legs were sore, and we went home. But it was a good experience to be a part of the "Yes We Can"..."Change We Can Believe In" Movements.

So in November make sure you support Obama, cause Hilary might not be able to catch up. Sorry Hitlery...I mean Billary....I mean HILARY...

Can't seem to get that right.

And I voted...Did you?

*See video at bottom*

**Question: how is he able to memorize his speech, but Hilary must continually look at her notes? Odd, He might have glanced down a few times (if at all), but there are times where she is straight reading from a piece of paper!!! What the "truck" is up with that...??**

Monday, May 5, 2008

Looking Back

I had not intention of blogging today, I was just going to make a video about my mishap. But I decided to start this week with a little excerpt of my weekend. Oh, and is it funny. (I did make a video, click here)

Friday: So I get in from work and dropping the roommate off at the airport, and I decide to play some Gran Theft Auto 4 (Click here to see a video of it). Well I'm playing the game, and it is about 6. I am minding my own business. Playing single player, playing online, not a care in the world. Earlier that day I sent Tenesha a text message, but she didn't responded. Figured she was at work dealing with the kids and couldn't get back at me, a usual deal so I kept playing my game.

Well around 10:30 that night, my brother in law shows up at my front door. I let him in thinking he just wanted to hang out somewhere, so I go back to playing the game. This dude tells me that for the past 4 or so hours him, my sister, my mom, and Tenesha have been trying to call and text me. (SO ANY ONE ELSE THAT TRIED, SORRY). Come to find out, my phone had not been receiving calls all night. My sister then came in the house and called my phone with her phone and we sat there watching it not ring. So yea, I wasn't passed out, and no one was holding me hostage, I was chilling playing my game without a care in the world, while my loving family freaked out thinking I was dead or something. But I appreciate the concern, a lot of people don't have that. So if you call me next time, leave voicemails, I'll get them the next morning I guess.

Well Saturday I wake up and discover that I did have voicemails just the little symbol didn't come up & although I sent text messages, MY phone said they never got sent (sitting in the drafts box), but like Tenesha said she got the one I sent her and responded to it. So yea, odd. Saturday I went back to playing some GTA4.

Then I had my Cinco/Tres de Mayo party. It was fun had some homies over we played Rock Band and Wii. I re-broke Rock Band. So I was playing a song and then on the next song the RED DRUM PAD stopped working. And that a mother-shut-yo-mouth. So that was the highlight/lowlight of Saturday. I did get to hang with my homie from Cali and his Hispanic Mami, Also Kira and Travis came by. But out of no where, my homie Born from high school popped up. A few other people were gonna come, but they choice not to since the male to female ratio was pretty equal.

Well Sunday morning had to be at church at 8, because my mother was preaching. Talk about being tired. Moving on. She had a really good sermon though, that I actually listened to and took parts of it with me. (Funny thing, I recited a part of her sermon to her, and she didn't remember it. Was she not listening to herself?) But then we had family plus (meaning a lot of other people) dinner after church. Lost to my homeboy in spades again, and then went home to clean and get the roommate from the airport.

So yea, that was my weekend. Probably the most I've done in a while. Well other than seeing my Brother In Law at that restaurant/bar that time. That was funny.

I'm Gone

P.S. I sent in a request to get my drums replaced. Hopefully they will do it, because playing the drums is my favorite part. Guess that explains why they are broke now.

GTA 4 Review Below from: BruinGOLD53

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