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Monday, May 19, 2008

One By One

So I have noticed a phenomenon lately that I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed. If you live in North Carolina, you've encountered it, but probably never stopped to think about it. What I have encountered is death. Not in my own life (Thank the Lord), but around me. In the past 2 weeks alone, someone in North Carolina has died EVERYDAY. AT LEAST ONE PERSON A DAY.

This is coming from WRAL, so that means at least 1 death a day is reported, there are countless others that go unreported, because either they have no case behind them, such as heart attacks or strokes, or they are not media catching. And I know many are thinking, "well poor kids die in Africa everyday", and we've known that for over 200 years. But for someone to randomly die once a die, that is frightening this close to home. A hungry nation versus two women getting hit outside of a University within a 3 day period all in a few miles from one another, is quite a bit different. To top it off, a girl from the University was killed, who happened to also be outside jogging. Are the health conscious the first to go?

A number of car wrecks that lead to deaths, domestic stabbings, battered children. Day by day, one by one, someone in North Carolina has passed. AND THAT IS JUST NORTH CAROLINA. Maybe I'm the only one seeing it. People are killed quite often in Durham, so death itself is not what is surprising me, its the number of "I can't believe they died" deaths that are happening every day.

If you have any comments on this, please leave them in the "Add comments" sections below. Maybe I'm tripping, but something is just not right.


Tamal Anwar said...

Death is a factor but we humans live like, there would be no end in life. This is true, life is a journey. If we think about the death, we will not be able to keep up moving.

Green said...

Thanks Tamal, and I hope your Life Journey is a successful one.