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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another Place In Him

Exactly like the title says. If you've read one of my more recent poems on my poetry page you would have seen that I've been stuck on the Micah Stampley Fresh Wind cd. There are a number of wonderful tracks on the CD. I can listen straight through the first eight or nine songs, and they are all motivational, uplifting, and praise-filled in their own way.

But the latest song I heard was entitled Another Place, and in just listening to the song, the slow melody, the passionate ad libs, puts you in Another Place. I myself, am beginning to feel that way. I am in another place, not only in Him, but in myself. I am starting to understand and appreciate more who it is that I am, and wonders that I myself am about to create because He works through me.

I am at a place now in my 23 years that can take many people up to 35-40 to understand. Now is the time that I must act upon what I know, and strive to physically and mentally be in another place.

I have come to learn that life really is a journey, and although you may need rest stops on the way, the journey should never truly end. If you're 25, 30, 50 years of age, and your life is feeling stale, then you have been at a rest stop for way to long, and it is time to continue your journey. Big question: where am I going? That's between you and God (or whatever higher power you may seek). Read my blog from Monday, you're journey is towards true happiness which often does not come until you understand where you belong in the grand scheme of things.

Many people spend 95-101 years "searching" to finally realize that they were always where they belong, and some knuckle heads die at 25 thinking where they are in life is the only place they ever will be.
So journey with me to Another Place in yourself, oh the wonders you can accomplish when you remove yourself from your rest stop of stagnation and commence the journey towards excellence.


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