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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I Even Surprise Myself... a day. Could it be a reincarnation of yesterday? What is the difference in today and yesterday..? Is it all not the same "day" just with a light cycle?

Do we distinguish days only by the fact that we sleep in between them? If I were to follow the sun around continuously, would I not always be in the same day? Only those in the darkness for a period of time would call the next showing of the sun a new day. Yet I have seen the sun consistently for 24 hours, and now back at the spot I is still the same sun, the same day.

Why do we distinguish days? A time line...? For what? Who can stay alive the longest, because anything you do in a day is done. There is not completion of that thing. There is no going back to redo it. It is done. Now you may continue it the next day, but that previous day is past, the result received are going to be different than today's.

Even with days, why must darkness be so gloomy? Better question, why can't people shine sun on the darkness in their life? Why can people not see that their faults of today creates their troubles of tomorrow?

Maybe that's what days are for, to present us with consequence for what we've done previously. People ask, "why am I having such a bad day?", your answer...cause you f*cked it up yesterday.

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