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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How We Take Advantage

So today I got cable installed in my house. I never knew home much I took advantage of being able to flick on the tv and it be there. The past 2 weeks have been long, cable-less, and without internet.

I myself have never been one to sit and watch TV. There is more to life than that...I can find 1000 other things to do. Well that was when I had cable. Without it I was so FREAKING BORED!

But it's not just cable, there are numbers of things that we unknowingly take advantage of. Not because we aren't thankful. Its because we aren't understanding.

Prime example, I've recently posted pictures of my apartment complex on facebook. Many of you seem to be in disagreement. So I'm assuming I can only post pictures of myself half-drunk, half-naked, or partying for it to be a proper facebook picture. What about people who post pictures to tell a story. To mark a point in their life, or to share them with others. 

We take advantage of the fact that we have the ability to click on someone's name and look at all their information, yet we don't stop to understand why people post some information and don't post other information. With my apartment pictures. It was to create an album to e-mail to those who are unable to come and visit my apartment. And I'm not talking about friends. I also have elderly family who can easily access their e-mail but cannot drive a car. (And yes, when you publicly share/e-mail an album the recipient does not have to be a member of facebook to see it).

But what else do people take advantage of, I know. School. It's almost become a fad. Like in high school you say, I'm going to college...well why...I want a good job. Great motivation. Then you get to school; skip class, disrespect teachers, use school as the hook-up line, dress to class like you're going to Club Freak-a-hoe. What are you really there for. Why are you taking advantage of the thousands of dollars put forth in order for you to thrive in life?

We all do it. Wake up. go to class...bullshyt on papers,test, and homework. And never really stop to appreciate why we are there to begin with. 

What saddens me is when people take advantage of themselves. How? By not striving to reach their greatest potential. By not looking beyond what they currently understand and attempt to see that something greater is out there. By belittle themselves to fit in a group, or click, that promises nothing in return. Or those who downgrade themselves for attention, respect, authority. 

What are you proving by taking advantage of yourself. That you don't respect yourself? That you know not of what you are capable of? Maybe you are afraid to show who you really are in fear of reject by those you wish to call "friend" (that's a whole different note).

We take advantage of so much, especially us that are young and think that the way things are going are how they should be. 

No, some one has fought for you to be where you are. Someone has cried, someone bled, someone has prayed, someone has DIED.

For you to take advantage of the life you live. Marinate on it.

God Bless

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