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Monday, September 8, 2008

"Even Plastic Men Don't Have Their Stuff Together"

The following article was written by a friend of mine and I thought it was interesting enough to share with my few readers.  

Thanks to N. Washington for her boredom.
"BorEd @ WoRk

I've been thinking,...
Even plasitc men don't have their ish together.
Example: Barbie & Ken

This chic has had her stuff together from the jump!
Barbie has been a teacher, scuba diver, dance instructer, Olympian, vet, business owner, beautician, and equestrian to name a few. She has also owned numerous jeeps, convertibles, motor homes, beach houses, town houses, and mansions.

Barb doesn't stop here either, she has also served as foster mother to her two sisters Skipper and Kelly. (Check the age gap between Kelly and Barbie,...smells like a love child. Ken is probably the culprit. Him or G.I Joe with the Kung- Fu grip)

Speaking of which, let me also point out that Ken is a free-loader. He had one unsuccessful attempt at being a life-guard (Bay Watch Ken) but that was it. He has no assets and owns nothing. Everytime Barbie moves into a new spot...Ken's ass is right there.

After numerous weddings, and no kids, Ken says forget a commitment, he has it made. Whatever the case, Barbie isn't complaining. 43 years of all that and she still hanging on? Hmm... she ain't smiling for nothing!!

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