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Monday, July 21, 2008

2 Good 2 B True...Handle your biz...

This will be the last track that I share with you from the Cel-D's Album, "Who Iz Cel-D?". This one is: 2 Good 2 B True.  Let it mariante on you and feel it.  Go back to last Wednesday's and Friday's notes to read the other two tracks.  If you want more, you're just going to have to buy the CD yourself. Let's Go.

[Verse 1]
Hey girl, you know you have me from the jump. But knowing that, you still left me on slump.
Why the good dudes always get played for the punk, pray for you all the time and got you everything you want.
But when it comes to you holding me down you want to front.
It's like we looked so good on the outside, that it only looked good on the outside.
Until you started chumping me on the outside, now you in the brick house, and I'm outside.
And you won't even wave to me outside, you was my coat to keep me warm when I'm outside.
How my coat turn around and lock me outside? Now, my coats in the house, and I'm outside.
You gotta know it's real cold on the outside, I see my breathe, it's so cold on the outside.
My heart was chillin, and you made me bring it ouside, threw it in the mud, ran in the house and locked me outside.

If it's too good to be true, it usually is, and if it's too bad to be good then handle your biz.
Ain't too many dudes good at handling his.
But it's too late to change when you're married with kids.

[Verse 3]
This some advice to the dudes, thats stuck in the same mess. Don't stick it out for time, convenience, or the sex.
You know her family and ya'll real close, but when the Lord speaks out, you gotta listen to the ghost.
Once you take that job, you can't quit or layoff, if you lose in the season, forget about the playoffs.
Marriage is full time, ain't no days off, so you better choose someone that you know gonna hold you down.
Cause when it gets real, you know it's going down. If you want a steak, don't settle for brown round.
Now I'm all for the grind, and working things out, but 2 years no compromise, homie be out.
If it's like that now, you figure the rest out.

That's that there. No such things as being too good to be true, but it can be too good. No reason to not appreciate it.  Like he says, if you're one of God's elite men, don't just deal with "good women" need God's Elite...cause when you going gets tough, being good ain't good enough.
Yea man...I can dig it.
Get right, or get left

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