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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Why You Can't Trust People...Homeless People

So on Monday (July 7) afternoon I left my home, and traveled I-40 West towards Durham, because I needed to go to the South Pointe area.  Well I take the Fayetteville St. exit, get in the left lane, and I wait for the light.  For anyone that has taken that exit, you will see the homeless man with is large, tan dog.  Let me add, his HEALTHY, large, tan dog.

Well on Monday, something didn't seem right. He was not with the large dog; he had a small, black puppy, you know, for pity points. Like I'm going to give him some cash to feed the little drool-bucket. Honestly I might had, til I realized the puppy was healthy. I'm starving, and this thing is munching on puppy chow like he's eating at a buffet.  But that isn't what got me. 

When I pulled up to the guy he was hunched over. I wondered, is he in pain? Snorting cocaine? Blowing his nose? NO! This "mother-may-I" was on a cell phone. I nice cell phone at that. With a brown, leather holster on his side that he didn't even try to conceal. Where the freak is he getting the money to pay his monthly bill? Instead of standing on the corner, he needs to use the hot-dang phone and call for help. Something is skeptical with that scenario in my opinion.

In addition, I was talking a friend about it, and she hit me with this story.
    " A lady had once said she saw a homeless man on the side of the road, doing the 'homeless man limp' (cause you know they teach that at "fake homelessness anonymous"), and said the man looked familiar assuming she had seen him on another corner.  Not the case. This man, with the fake limp, happened to be her husbands co-worker, and never limped before".

Now ain't that a biscuit and a half. Lying son-of-a-fish. And expect me to give $5, thats a gallon of gas. I'll give him some advice. Find the other homeless man with the cell phone and ya'll can call 1-800-Charter and see what they can do for you.  Join the Army. You ain't cripple, just too lazy to work like the rest of us. Standing in the hot sun, smelling like 95 degrees of Iraq, then gonna walk up to my car. I just washed this white car, and you wanna put your head in, you better eat this Altoid and be happy with life. Matter of fact, just use your finger and brush with a few of them.

So yea, next time you pull up on a homeless man, ask to use their cell phone and call for help, cause I sure ain't giving them my money. And people ask why I don't help them. Now you see, them lying bastards. Making my city look dirty, sitting on a corner. I can't even tell them to get a job, because that is their job. Acting. They are all actors. Acting like they are homeless. If they wanted real help, he'll use his phone, call a cab and go down to the homeless shelter. Dirtying my street corners, got me afraid to pull up beside them. I wish he would touch my car, he's going to be fake homeless and really handless.

But that's all I got to say, before I get mad up in here.  Go stand my butt on a corner as a part time job, see where that gets me.  I'm black, I'll get arrested, for "loitering" or "soliciting", if' I'm lucky they will think I'm a homeless prostitute. Idiots.


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