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Friday, July 18, 2008

Do Me Right...or I'm Leaving...

Another track from the "Who iz Cel-D?" Album, by Cel-D, entitled Do Me Right.  Go support. One more track on Monday, if you want more, go buy it.  Also go back to Wednesday's Post and check out "Blame Game".
Presenting: Do Me Right

[verse 1] Hey love, you saved and you so fine, you got me hung up like a clothes line.
Now how I run into that clothes line? Play your position cause I knows mine.
Give your heart and I'll expose mine. This is more than just some dope lines.
Them other joints was rehearsal, this is show time. I was on it for a minute, now it's your time.
My last love was tripping but forgot to pack. Now that's she's gone, she can never come back.
Cause she ain't pack enough to stay, but anyway,
the worse thing you can do to a good man is abuse him. He treat you right, you do him wrong, you confuse him.
He give you everything, you turn around and use him.
And when you finally escape your fears, you're ready and he's no longer there.
So if he stay when its just to get even. And before I get there, ma, I'm leaving.

[chorus 2x] Do me right and get the best of me. Do me wrong and lose what's left of me.
Cause I'm in it for the long haul. And that don't mean for you to slack off.
So come close or just back off.

[partial verse 3] Don't make sense to be praying together, if it ain't meant to be ya'll ain't staying together.
Force marriage anyway, and ya'll be stressed forever.
Spent all your time trying to be real deep, you never caught what the Lord cut in your face to see.
So you pull a "good mate" instead of God's elite.

Marinate on it, want more, buy the CD here...wait til Monday, 1 more track, and it's a good one...oh yea...

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