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Monday, July 14, 2008

When the Time is Right...

Each and every person can agree with the fact that they are waiting for something, wanting something, or preparing for something. The problem occurs when we want what we THINK we deserve, immediately.  Well I am here to tell you, the time that you want something to happen, may not be the appropriate time for it to happen in your life.

I think of this on a concept of readiness. For example, many women have this idea that they want the perfect man to walk in to their life by the time they finish reading this blog.  But how can you expect the perfect man, when you are yet to be the perfect woman? You have not gotten your life ready to welcome in the person you desire.

Maybe it's a new job, or a promotion at your current job.  It's just not your time.  Now I could get religious and say, it's not your will it's God's will, but you know that already. There is a proper time for things to happen in your life, so get faith and patience and allow the things to work in there own time. Else you may create disaster and destroy something that you weren't ready for in your life.


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