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Friday, August 8, 2008

For the Fellas Part I

The First of many collaborations by ~~Miss Marcia~~ and **Green**:
~~I wrote a blog on Wednesday that was for the ladies, so this is going to be a brief one for the fellas.  In my blog for the ladies I mentioned something about a man’s relationship potential is all about the money he has.  Well fellas there is a thing called a “gold digger” and if you think spending all your money buying expensive gifts or paying for her most expensive bills is a way that will help you get into a woman’s heart, then you are wrong in many ways.  These “gold diggers” prey on guys that do this and will give you some of her time just to keep you around, for you to do these “special things” for her, and I’m not talking sex (she could be getting that from someone else as well, while you are steadily dishing out your hard earned money).  Technically, she has no plans in her mind of ever being in a serious, loving relationship with you, she likes YOUR MONEY not YOU for who you are.  Honestly I don’t see how some people can do that, because as they say “what goes around comes around” so she would eventually get what’s coming to her, a man with a lot of money but a piss-poor personality or a lack of respect for her. 

Now fellas, there is nothing in this world wrong with pampering your woman.  Washing her hair, doing her nails, giving her massages and things of that sort are impressive to a lady.  I know some guys have a problem with being “sensitive”, but you have to be a little sensitive since most women are and it is women that you are trying to please. Also it’s not the big, mega things you do that count, it’s the little things.  If you know what her favorite candy, chips, or what some of her likes are, then play off of those. You’ll be surprised at the reaction you get; it’s letting her know that you pay attention to detail, and she’ll appreciate you for caring, more than she will appreciate a guy that pays her cell phone bill (which she probably uses to call other men).

I don’t have too much more to say on this topic, but I’m sure Mr. Green can elaborate further than I can.~~
**I’m sure I can elaborate, BUT we will save that for part two. In essence my friends, Miss Marcia wants you to think a little. Gold digging is one example, but be aware of what it is about you that attracts a woman the most. Often times you may think she’s all about you, when she may not. If you happen to lose the 1 thing she is with you for, you will lose her too. So my brothers, get your mind right and don’t let your little head do all the thinking. Be smart fellas, you know if she’s playing you for a fool. Stop buying stuff for her, and start doing small things, if she doesn’t appreciate that, leave, cause then she doesn’t appreciate you.**
*~~Miss Marcia~~ & **Green**

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