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Friday, August 1, 2008

Ungrateful Black Folk

I would like to thank Miss Marcia for today's contribution. I needed a little "vacation" from the mental turmoil of this job transition, so she provided some words of her own for me.


Today I’m going to write about taking things for granted or shall I say, being ungrateful. I’m not sure if a lot of people are aware but on Tuesday July 29th an article popped up in the news about a couple getting ready to lose their house that Extreme Home Makeover had built for them. This house was built in 2005, it’s worth $450,000. On top of that, $250,000 was raised as a contribution to the family for home maintenance and upkeep. The family decided to put the house up as collateral for a loan since they were trying to start a construction business, which later failed. Being unable to repay the loan, the house underwent foreclosure.

Now I’m sorry, but there is no way in this world I would put up any (paid for) home to start a business. So they go from having a crappy house, to a free, nice house, to no house at all. The video on (Extreme Makeover) is just sickening at how nice this house is and the reporter tries to sugar coat the story saying that all the kids were out of the house and the family desired a smaller home.

The part of the story that really disturbs me is the fact that they are an African American couple. I’m sorry but this makes us look bad, like we are not thankful for the things that are given to us. Now I did not catch the episode of Extreme Home Makeover that this house was featured on in 2005 but I’m sure this family was ecstatic when the house was revealed to them and they just let it go down the drain. God blessed them with something good and they just let it go away. Now I’m not completely sure how the family is living at the moment, but a few questions had raised to my head such as “what made them want to go into the construction business?”, “why put up their beautiful home?” There are so many more questions that just leave me with asking “Why?”

It looks like GREED one of the 7 sins took over them and now look at where it got them. Sitting around looking crazy and ungrateful and yes in the article the people that helped build this house are highly upset at this couple. Keep in mind when watching the video below that this is the LARGEST HOUSE EVER BUILT ON EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER.

*Miss Marcia

Miss Marcia

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