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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

For The Ladies: Part I

Another Blog from Miss Marcia, ENJOY:

This is mainly for my ladies, young women, teens all of you that fall within this category.  Throughout my years of dating even as far back as high school I’ve encountered different types of personalities and been through enough crap to write a book about so its time for me to pass some of my knowledge along to those you who may need it.  So here we go.

Ladies it doesn’t matter what kind of body the guy may have or how extremely fine he may be.  Sometimes his looks don’t match up with his personality at all.  He could be very arrogant and disrespectful and they tend to draw the most attention and think that all the women want them.  Sometimes they just know they could pull any woman they want and could care less about you, but will tell you what you want to hear just to string you along.  I’m not saying all guys with a tight bod and hot looks are this way, you just have to make sure they have a personality because when people ask you what’s so great about your man and all you can say is “His body is off the chain” or “He is so fine” then you might want to rethink the reason why you started seeing this person.

Next it doesn’t matter what kind of car he may have and other materialistic things he may have.  He can drive the most beat up car on the face of this earth but have his isht together.  These fellas riding around in their tricked out cars spend most of their money in their cars and try to live above their means sometimes.  It’s funny to me to see a guy with a really nice car but then find out that’s where his money has gone.  These music videos are part of the blame because it has them thinking that’s what women go for, NOT always the case.  Women chasing men because of what they have is not a nice look, he can have all the nicest things in the world but then turn out to be the biggest a-hole you’ve ever met.  I have more to say about this, but I’ll write that in a different blog.  You have to thoroughly check guys out ladies, because for all you know he could be a big time drug dealer. IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT THE MONEY LADIES!!!!
Ok now this is from personal experience and I know some young women (teenagers especially) think it’s cute.  DATING A THUG IS NOT CUTE!!!! LOL.  What do you have to brag about, “Oh girl my man he….” He does what? What can he do?  That’s all I have to say about this subject matter before I get upset.
Ladies, ladies, ladies, I have seen this one too many times and I am going to say something about it.  If you portray yourself as a hoochie or a ho then guess what?  Right, you’ll get treated as such.  You may steal all the looks in the room but the fellas will be focused more on your ASSets and “hitting that” than getting to know you.  While I’m speaking on the clubbing scene, that’s usually not the best place to meet a guy at either.  Sometimes the fellas are just there to see whom they go home with, don’t get me wrong now;  Some people have had great success meeting their “guy” at the club. 

There will be more to come because all of a sudden I have a lot to say, but I will end this blog with something for my teenage girls that are about to go off to college.  Please be careful, fresh meat does get preyed upon and also the fraternity scene is interesting, but don’t become a Frat Groupie (not cute).

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