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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Am Making Changes

Okay, so to the 3 or 4 loyal people that actually read my blogs and such, I have been slacking. I think I have a life now, so I'm not at the computer bored as much. 

Especially with the new job, I am rarely at the computer at work, and if so, it's for no longer than 5 minutes. After work I'm pretty occupied and I don't remember a weekend where I haven't either gone out of town or had a gathering at my home or to go to.
But my life is a lot more active, so this outlet of blogger is not a necessity anymore.

I'm not saying I'm stopping, but I won't be writing as often as I used to, only when I just really have something to say. No one really reads them anyways.

But for the few that did. I appreciate it. Keep checking and see if I have something.

Also I'll be back focused on my photography soon, just have other priorities right now. So probably near the start of next year, you'll see an explosion of my work.


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