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Monday, August 11, 2008

What's Going On???

Is it me, or is someone taking out important, black figures 1 by 1?  Conspiracy? Obama runs for presidents, someone puts a hit out on black men that could possibly support him (even though through the grape vine I heard Bernie Mac dissed him a little).

But either way, 2 black male role models GONE. It could not have been two black, unsuccessful pestilence that probably rob and kill; but two strong, American-American brothers whom help guide, instruct, and entertain America.

It's a sad time when you lose people like that, but two in the same week, basically a day apart, that's is tragic.  Both Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes, gone. Two brilliant minds removed from the realms of creativity, to eventually be replaced with another two-bit nobody, that lacks a decent education, sounds more ignorant than farmer John, but has the ability to make money off of other ignorant, undereducated, misunderstanding black people (I'm basically talking about Plies right now, sounds like he has a fourth-grade reading level, but ohhh, he raps about sex so the women love him, well the girls who are 17 working on their 2nd child that is).

That's the world though. For someone new to come in, someone else must go out. There will never be another Bernie Mac nor Isaac Hayes. There will be imitators, there will be other brilliant minds, but there will never be 2 more like them.

Forever their memories will live on in movies, music, literature, and in our hearts and minds.  May God be with their families, friends, and fans.

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*E. Grant (Green)

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