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Sunday, April 6, 2008


So I came over to my parent's house to babysit my nephew. Cool, no problem, play, have some fun, go somewhere. Well cancel that. The weather sucks and everything will be closing soon. When I first got here he was sleep, so I took that time to eat and such. Now that I have the "itis", he is wide awake. But he is rocking the green shirt, so I can give him that.

But I'm on break right now while he is pre-occupied. Eventually we'll probably got by to my house, because it will be a while before my sister is back to get him, and I'm not trying to sit in Durham all day. I rather be in my own home. But that's all I have for right now. Nothing spectacular. Had a lot of laughs with my sister and cousin earlier. My girl wasn't laughing too much, but she doesn't laugh at much. We were cracking up.

But it's only about 5:00 pm, so there is still a lot of day left to go. So I may add to this. I'm tired now so I don't feel like messing with my camera so there is probably be nothing new with that today. But you never know, it's still early in the day.

Did get some good food though. On first Sunday's we have "dinner" at my parent's house, so there was a lot of food here to eat. I'll probably take some home as well. Eat again later, or sometime tomorrow.

Well we finally did go outside., and he got into his wagon and rolled. I have a few pictures of him, along with some videos. Now we are back at my house and he is finally eating, but only pudding and apple sauce. He really isn't feeling the chicken nuggets. I'm eating them myself. I don't care. I'm sure he'll want something more eventually. I think I'll be stuck with him another 2 hours or so. Here goes nothing. (So in the video below, I've figured my nephew is speaking a collection of gibberish, Spanish, and English, being that all of his toys are bilingual.)

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Everything has it's place... said...

So first, why is he sooooooo freaking cute!? Second, "Are you talking to me or are you talking to yourself?!", classic vocab for a babysitter. Good job unk!