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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Not Just Sick in the Head....

(The Beginnings)

I'm sitting in the doctor's office on my iPod right now, and I'm wondering if today can be any worse than yesterday. Metaphorically speaking, yesterday my milk spoiled and my coffee tasted burnt. Now, I'm wondering, not only what today will bring, but how my yesterdays will affect my tomorrows.

I'm at the doctor now, for a follow up to my follow up from the emergency room visit back in March. He noticed some funny blood level that were not typical for me and he wanted to do more blood work (on top of the 8 times I was stuck at the emergency room for blood work, IVs, and meds.)

Although I seem to always be full of glee and joy, I think stress sent me to the hospital. There is a multitude of things in my life that haven't gone the way I want the to and I think it has affected my body. That along with the type of work I do, which my body has never been used to (sitting at a computer for 8 hours).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not covering up sadness because I'm nowhere near sad. I enjoy life, love my life, and I'm typically joyous about life in general because I have no reason to really complain.

But we will see what the doctor says and I'll let the world know. I'm just starting to think it was all stress. I'm to fly to have had the flu.

(The Diagnosis).

So I'm not sick in the head, but before I get to my doctor's appointment, I want to digress. I am upset with McDonalds. So the first part of this I wrote on my iPod, thinking that I'll go eat somewhere with Wi-Fi and email it to myself so I can paste it up here. Well guess what I had to retype it, because McDonalds Cafe wanted to charge for Wi-Fi use. What's up with that? Even Dairy Queen has free internet, just sign up. McDs wants you to use your credit card. EAT MY SHORTS, Ronald McDonald!!!!

But after my doctor's appt, two things are confirmed, I'm not sick and the head and I was too fly for the flu. He said based on the my liver enzyme count, that later went down, I must have had a bad virus. As far as the night sweats, that will go away with time as my body recuperates. If not, I have a physical in July to see if I've gotten any better.

He said the headaches could be from staring at this computer screen all day at work. So I have to make and appt with the eye doctor. If it not my eyes, then go back and see with there is a bigger problem. My eyes feel fine, but you never know. So eye dr. here I come , when I get some funds.

As far as my day yesterday, I'm sure your really want to know, but it's nothing I feel like sharing globally at the moment. Just know change is coming, just not sure how or when.

Dang on McDs...$1 food, but no free internet...

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