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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Just Because...

I don't really have anything to blog about today. But I think I will inform you of this. On April 17, 2008, my YouTube channel with officially change. It will no longer be NCSUAlumni, it will have changed to So make sure you add that now as you new favorite place to be.

Other than that all is well, It's Sunday, didn't quite make it to church because I had a long, rough evening. Had to babysit the nephew the again and instead of him being picked up at 7:30 I ended up have to rush and take him home at around 8:30 because I had to be home about 9 to go out with the roommate.  Which was a fun but interesting time.  

I did see my "Twin Sister" from high school there, so that was pretty good. Also Tenesha ended up coming after hanging out with a friend from home and one of her friends.. Then we came about to the house and hung out.

But that's about all I have, so check me out and keep posted on me with what's going on.  Nothing spectacular, nothing extravagant.  I did add some photos to my WebShots Page (click here), so you will have to go check those out.

I also have found a way to watermark them so that I can try to go professional and promote with the fear of someone attempting to use my photos as their on.  Plus if anyone happens to see my photos and cares to request some, they will have a way to contact me. So make sure you go look at those.  There is a link on the side to my photography, and I'm watching Worlds Dumbest Criminals on TruTV, and it is cracking me up cause a guy on Pot Brownies just called the cops and told him that he thinks him and his wife are dead. So I gotta go.

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