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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Everything is Clearer Now!

No, literally, I have to get glasses because my job is causing me to go blind. I had an eye doctor appointment today and the doctor basically said the eye strain from staring at the computer, the dim lighting (which they are finally installing more lights), and a number of other factors are causing me to be far-sighted with a slight astigmatism that won't get worse if I get some "Computer Glasses".

Well the ones I wanted were $400, so I won't be getting those. I'll try to find some inexpensive ones somewhere else. But yea, so the next time you see me I may be looking all "Pointdexter".

Along with that, I went to the barber shop and got like this half-fade, half mohawk thing. Just believe, once I get the glasses I'll have to YouTube a video of my experience (being that I'm slim on videos right now).

Holla, til next time..."I can see clearly now, got glasses on..."

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