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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's Not About Me, But Kinda Is...(click here)

YES today is EARTH DAY. So what does that mean? Everyone will be jocking me and my green today. I'm not sure if I should happy, or upset being that today I will no longer stand out, because everyone will look like me.

On a lighter note, I so have to make a YouTube video today about it being Earth Day. Mainly because I'm not very earthy. You'll understand if you see the video. [which I shall post a link in this blog once the video is created]

Moving on. Being that I work beside the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, they are taking up our parking lot with a "Earth Day" walk thing. But I don't mind, I have no where to go until 6 PM anyways. But check this, it is a very bland and dark Earth Day, so taking Earth Day pics isn't going to look to lovely unless I enhance them with fake backgrounds and such.

But "check me this" {my new saying, prepare to hear me say it a lot}, other than St. Patrick's Day, Earth Day is all for me. The green, the glory, the girls [well no girlS, I just thought it fit in the statement].

Speaking of "green", 4/20 was on a Sunday this year. What up with that? Really, did you go to church high? Pray about that! And in other green news, they are debating on whether to change the American Dollar. Right now it's a rumor I heard up in the air (but at this job, anything that comes out of someone's mouth that isn't on paper is probably a rumor - get a life, and get out of everyone else's business you lames {such a sidebar}).

Well thats all I have for right now.
You can call me Green, and since Green Means Go....

Video Can Be Found At:

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