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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Faith vs. Ignorance

I, myself would not say that I am overly religious, but I have faith and understanding of a higher power. In the Christian faith we like to say God/ Jesus, "The Trinity". In other religions you have Allah, Mary, Ogun, Buddha, the "Spirits", Astronomy, Voodoo (yes it is a religion, sorry to burst your bubbles), and in some religions they even worship the Devil.

In this article I'm not knocking any religion, for religion provides ground work and a foundation of faith that often enables people to cope with the pressures of life. It increases social networking and brings an idea of peace and love into relationships, be it loving or platonic.

My issue is not with religion, many people are religious and lack a spiritual connection to the world, and many people are spiritual and don't believe in distinct teachings of a particular religion, but rather a connection to the world based on an idea of some higher power, without stating what or who it is.

But what bothers me is the amount of faith that some people possess that may cause ignorance or a blind faithfulness. Too an extent faith is great. Faith is a profound belief or trust in a particular truth, or in a doctrine that expresses such a truth. Formal usage of the word "faith" is largely reserved for concepts of religion, where it almost universally refers to a trusting belief in a transcendent reality (therefore spirituality and spiritual immortality), or else in a Supreme Being and their role as a guide for people moving into an experience of such reality. [Wikipedia]. So in it's nature faith provides a substance for people to grasp when they have no other explanation to life's problems.

But why are people continually blinded to reality due to faith. The big issue that skeptics have with religion is that, in it's nature it is not tangible (very dependent upon the religion and it's practices). I often feel that way about faith, hope, etc, but I do know, and I have experienced the forces of a high power and how they effect my spiritually and physically. Though at some point a person must say, I am on earthly, and as of now I am going to need an earthly remedy. We consist of more than just a spirit. I think religious leaders need to address that as well, and have people understand to properly take care of your physical needs in addition to spiritual.

I address this for 2 reasons.First I find religion/faith to be the reason this Texas CULT has these women allowing their 13-14 year old daughter to have children by these 30-40 men. Read on it here.
Number 2, bothers me the most because some parents allowed their child to die because they would not seek medical attention for DIABETES. A CURABLE form of it might I add. Read about it here. But in summary, they assumed her month long sickness was a test of faith and that sin had caused her to be sick and with prayer she can be healed (which the father later justified by saying he thought it was because she was going through puberty). I understand not accepting all types of treatments, or praying when all else has failed and there is nothing left to do. But dang at least see a doctor when your 11 year old kid goes into a coma. (Mind you, they were religious isolates, meaning they removed themselves from the Pentecostal Church they were are part of and have a small religious sect of their own of about 5 people.)

This is me just ranting. I don't want anyone thinking I am atheist or agnostic. It's not that, but at the end of the day I am still a realist. There are greater things for me outside of this world...but while I'm on it, a brother has got to adjust, be it through faith, or just a greater understand of the world and my connections to it.

Ask questions if you like. That's all I got for now.


Ryan Chow Show said...

To me, whether you have a religion or not, the most important thing is how to make this world a better place to stay.
World peace, no poverty, and happily living are the things that people should take notice on.
We are what we are living for.
A happy and positive life.


Keep up, I'm a Jones! said...

I agree with Ryan! Thanks for the comment.