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Monday, April 28, 2008

Making Paper

Picture From Wachovia

Well I'm not really making paper, more or less saving it. Today I applied for a Wachovia WAY2SAVE account in order to attempt to do better with my money and save some. Especially if I'm talking about a "move", I'll need starter cash.

I am wanting to move early Jan. 2009, but 2 years of saving will work as well. But the idea behind this Wachovia WAY2SAVE is that for every transaction made with my check card or online bill payments, $1 is added to the Wachovia WAY2SAVE account. So estimate 30 transactions a month on top of the up to $100 transfer, plus the annual percent, I'm looking at a hefty savings.

But also, after saving a certain amount, Wachovia will actually give you some extra cash. I'm dead serious. Go to the website and read up for yourself.

Bank of Rich America has something similar to this, but theirs only increases your payment up the next dollar and put the "change" in a savings account. Wachovia moves an entire dollar. Whoopdi-freaking-do.

But we will see how this works. Good luck to me, and feel free to donate.

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